Kentucky Vital Statistics – Births 1911-1915

Kentucky Vital Statistics

Births – January 1911 – December 1915

  • Susie May Montgomery, Boyle County, January 17, 1914, Vol. 3, #1343, mother, Malinda J. Baker
  • Taynes Bird Montgomery, Keanton County, August 19, 1912, Vol. 102, #40485, mother, Elizabeth Lenore Taynes
  • Thelma Montgomery, Lincoln County, April 1, 1911, Vol. 48, #19159, mother, Mona Gooch
  • Thelma Irene Montgomery, Greenup County, December 1, 1911, Vol. 150, #50813, mother, Maggie Montomgery
  • Thelma Lee Montgomery, Jessamine County, September 6, 1913, Vol. 95, #47491, mother, Kate Rinehamer
  • Thelma May Montgomery, Jefferson County, June 26, 1913, Vol. 64, #31580, mother, Mus Ella Hill
  • Thomas Montgomery, Garrard County, January 31, 1911, Vol. 4, #1333, mother, Gareta Naylor
  • Thomas H. Montgomery, Garrard County, April 21, 1915, Vol. 111, #55212, mother, Garrett Nailor
  • Thomas T. Montgomery, Bell County, July 11, 1913, Vol. 70, #34732, mother, Bessie Mason
  • Toy Montgomery, Magoffin County, July 15, 1915, Vol. 73, #36233, mother, Kallie Montgomery
  • Ula Veneda Montgomery, Washington County, July 5, 1913, Vol. 77, #38156, mother, Pearl F. Montgomery
  • Ural Montgomery, Adair County, October 31, 1913, Vol. 102, #50957, mother, Ada Richards
  • Ursy Montgomery, Magoffin County, February 2, 1912, Vol. 22, #8720, mother, Cora Johnson
  • Velma Montgomery, Lincoln County, April 1, 1911, Vol. 48, #19160, mother, Mona Gooch
  • Virgel Montgomery, Magoffin County, April 27, 1913, Vol. 43, #21479, mother, Minnie Montgomery
  • Vernie Montgomery, Magoffin County, January 6, 1915, Vol. 8, #3602, mother, Dora Lykins
  • Vernon Gale Montgomery, Jefferson County, April 12, 1912, Vol. 46, #18224, mother, Ruth Montgomery
  • Very Montgomery, Magoffin County, September 7, 1913, Vol. 97, #48260, mother, Recy Bell Montgomery
  • Vester Lee Montgomery, Green County, December 18, 1911, Vol. 150, #59774, mother, Maggie E. Thompson
  • Victor Montgomery, Garrard County, November 18, 1912, Vol. 1(13), #384, mother, Alice Vanderpool
  • Vison Montgomery, Magoffin County, November 18, 1913, Vol. 119, #59261, mother, Mollie Biner
  • Virgil Lee Montgomery, Magoffin County, December 2, 1915, Vol. 133, #66403, mother, Jessie Conley
  • Virginia Burres Montgomery, Nelson County, November 14, 1913, Vol. 120, #59653, mother, Mary Newton Stewart
  • Virginia Gray Montgomery, Franklin County, January 24, 1913, Vol. 5, #2290, mother, Virginia Thompson Gray
  • Virginia L. Montgomery, Union County, September 11, 1915, Vol. 101, #50288, mother, Bonnie E. Montgomery
  • Vivian Montgomery, Carter County, June 20, 1914, Vol. 42(15), #20703, mother, Jude Rice
  • W. P. Montgomery, Washington County, June 10, 1913, Vol. 70, #34521, mother, Lizzie O’Neal
  • Walter Montgomery, Bath County, January 31, 1915, Vol. 2, #908, mother, Ada Conley
  • Walter Christian Montgomery, Henry County, October 13, 1913, Vol. 106, #52733, mother, Nola Anderson
  • Wanetah Waltrip Montgomery, Marshall County, November 11, 1911, Vol. 140, #55930, mother, Attilla Waltrip
  • Wardy B. Montgomery, Carter County, February 12, 1912, Vol. 17, #6470, mother, Floral Geizel
  • Warnil Montgomery, Magoffin County, April 9, 1913, Vol. 43, #21473, mother, Mary E. Montgomery
  • Willard Montgomery, Warren County, August 29, 1912, Vol. 106, #42336, mother, Cora Harp
  • William Montgomery, Bell County, March 11, 1911, Vol. 105, #41607, mother, Gracie Cobbs
  • William Montgomery, Franklin County, November 25, 1912, Vol. 141, #56359, mother, Susie McCoy
  • William Montgomery, Kenton County, November 1, 1913, Vol. 118, #58621, mother, Louise Marshall
  • Infant of William Montgomery, Union County, September 2, 1913, Vol. 99, #49329, mother, Mary Nunn
  • William Drier Montgomery, Jefferson County, December 6, 1912, Vol. 12(13), #5677, mother, Caroline Drier
  • William Ernest Montgomery, Washington County, June 25, 1915, Vol. 64, #31688, mother, Mary Virgie Smith
  • William Harold Montgomery, Hickman County, October 19, 1913, Vol. 106, #52769, mother, Ila Gertrude Pharis
  • William J. Montgomery, Adair County, July 7, 1913, Vol. 70, #34575, mother, Cora L. Sneed
  • William Lee Montgomery, Livingston County, July 24, 1911, Vol. 87, #34598, mother, Carrie Adeline Pease
  • William Oliver Montgomery, Crittenden County, September 3, 1911, Vol. 109, #43351, mother, Orrie Halloman
  • William Stanley Montgomery, Woodford County, May 21, 1913, Vol. 58, #28593, mother, Frankie Kirk
  • William Thomas Montgomery, Adair County, June 30, 1914, Vol. 56, #27796, mother, Minnie B. Harmon
  • Willie Montgomery, Bullitt County, June 11, 1911, Vol. 69, #27265, mother, Amanda Shepherd

Matchett’s Baltimore Directory for 1829

Matchett’s Baltimore Directory for 1829

Baltimore, Maryland

I found this list from Matchett’s Baltimore Directory for 1829 on the Maryland State Archives website.  This is a fabulous source for anyone with ancestors from this state.  I have many families in my lines who lived in Maryland before the move to Kentucky about 1795.

  • Moran Gabriel, plasterer, Sharp, near Hill st
  • Moran Richard, meal seller, cor of Eden & Holland
  • Morgan Edward, Aisquith, N of Pitt st (Aisquith is an area of Baltimore)
  • Morgan Thomas, potter, 100 Pitt st
  • Morgan Robert C. grocer, 39 Centre M space
  • Morgan Joseph, dealer in second hand clothing, 27 s Frederick st
  • Morgan Michael, oyster house, Light, near Pratt st
  • Morgan Jesse, brushmaker, 56 s Howard st
  • Morgan John S. accountant, Franklin Bank, dw Ex- eter, N of Water st
  • Morheiser Philip, grocer, 22 Pennsyl’a av
  • Morling Wm. H. saddle and harness maker, 25 Cen- tre Market space
  • Morriarte John, scrivener, Exeter, s of French st (a scrivener is a person who could read and write – a rarity in early days! – who made their living by writing or copying written material)
  • Morrill James, collector, 22 n High st (probably a tax collector)
  • Morrell R. laundress, Strawberry al. near Wilk st
  • Morris Thos. C. ship joiner, Fell, near Ann st (one who constructs the woodwork in a ship)
  • Morris Joseph, watchman, Baltimore, E of Eden st
  • Morris and Egenton, French burr mill stone and plaster of Paris manufacturers, Falls av. near Pratt I street bridge, and corner of Paca and Saratoga sts. n of the Lexington market, dw Pratt, E of the bridge. See advertisement.
  • Morris Owen, brush factory, 1 n Howard, dw cor of Paca st and Dutch alley
  • Morris Wm. rigger, 3 Philpot st
  • Morris Henry, M. D. cor of Market and Alice Anna st. dw Fell’s st
  • Morris James, tailor, Exeter, n of Hillen st
  • Morris, J. B. president of the bank of Maryland, 161 South st
  • Morris Isaac, blacksmith, Charles, s of Montgomery I
  • Morris Rev. John G. pastor of the English Lutherian Church, dw 6 w Lexington st
  • Morris M. cordwainer, Franklin, w of Chatsworth st (shoemaker)
  • Morris Wm. and Geo. and Co. merchants, 2 Lorman row, Hanover st
  • Morrison Jesse, ship carpenter, 114 Wolf, near Fleet
  • Morrison John, rigger, 26 Philpot st

Obituary for Miss Mattie Mae Linton


Mattie Mae Linton, January 24, 1894 – December 4, 1968

Maple Grove Cemetery, Logan County, Kentucky

Mattie Mae Linton was the daughter of Thomas Alvey Linton and Susan Mary Duncan.  Both parents died young.  She was raised by an uncle until she finished school, then she lived with her older brother at the old family homestead for the rest of her life.

Newspaper – Russellville, Logan County, Kentucky

Miss Mattie Mae Linton, 74, Dies

Funeral Services Held December 6, 1968

Miss Mattie Mae Linton, 74, Stevenson Mill Road, Russellville, died Wednesday, December 4, at 1:15 p.m. at Logan County Hospital.

Miss Linton was born in Logan County January 24, 1894, daughter of the late Sue Duncan and Thomas A. Linton. She was a member of the Methodist Temple, a lifelong member of the Women’s Society of Christian Services, and a member of the Russellville Chapter of the Daughters of American Revolution. She graduated from Logan College in 1911.

Funeral services were conducted by the Rev. Russell Bow at Mayfield and Son Funeral Home on Friday, December 6, at 3:30 p.m. Interment was in Maple Grove Cemetery.

Pallbearers were Maurice Linton, Ben P. Linton, T. D. Linton, John Linton, Henry Duncan, Bill Duncan, Robert Stevenson and Earl Davis.

Survivors include three brothers, Louis B. Linton of Russellville, G. B. Linton of Grand Junction, Colorado, Thomas A. Linton, Indian Lakes Estates, Florida; two nieces and a nephew.

William Preston Burgin Family Bible

There is another bible associated with this family, posted February 7, 2013.

William Preston Burgin Family Bible

  • This is to certify that William Preston Burgin and Eugenia Starks were united in Holy Matrimony, at home, Burgin, Kentucky, on the 20th day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighty-three (1883).
  • William Preston Burgin was born January 25th, 1853, Richmond, Kentucky, married November 20th, 1883 and died April 3, 1901.
  • Eugenia Starks Burgin was born September 5th, 1858, Midway, Kentucky, married November 20th, 1883, and died May 19th, 1927.
  • Anne Starks Burgin was born April 12th, 1887, Burgin, Kentucky, married October 14th, 1906, and died 1925.
  • Sophia Temple Burgin was born September 3rd, 1888, Burgin, Kentucky, married September 3rd, 1913, and died December 31, 1974.
  • Florence Clifford Burgin was born March 6th, 1891, Burgin, Kentucky, married September 7th, 1914, and died April 9th, 1980.
  • William Isaac Preston Burgin, was born April 2nd, 1896, Burgin, Kentucky, married September 18th, 1915, and died January 1, 1961.
  • John James Burgin was born July 3rd, 1897, Burgin, Kentucky, married February 1919, and died August 20, 1945.
  • Harry Montgomery Sallee (Ann’s baby) was born February 1908, Lexington, Kentucky, and died December 1908.
  • Ann Chenault Bailey was born September 26, 1915, Harrodsburg, Kentucky, died March 19, 1929.
  • Mary Elizabeth Burgin was born January 15th, 1918, married to Henry Walter Brummett, April 7, 1939.
  • Mrs. John (Davelle) Burgin died Fayette County, January 24, 1980
  • Mrs. Preston (Ada) Burgin died Fayette County, October 13, 1980.
  • Sophia burgin married Henry Steele Moore September 3rd, 1913.  He died April 20th, 1947.

Grandfather and Grandmother

  • James Madison Starks born Midway, Kentucky, September 16, 1818, died May 25, 1881.
  • Ann William Starks, second wife of James M., born in Midway October 30, 1820, died April 17, 1899.
  • Susan Crutcher Starks, first wife of James Madison Starks, was born in Frankfort, Kentucky, 1824, died 1856.
  • Children of James Madison and Susan Crutcher Starks were John P., Richard, Permelia and Susie Starks and Bettie Starks Rodes.
  • Children James Madison and Anne Williams Starks were I. F. Starks and Eugenia Starks Burgin.

Marriages – Fayette County, Kentucky

Marriages – Fayette County, Kentucky

  • Thomas Ashford married Nancy Stone – 1803
  • Abraham Bird, Jr., married Catherine Fry – November 30, 1803
  • Ezekiel Bryant married Susannah Bradley – November 18, 1803
  • John Bryant married Nancy Porter – 1803
  • William Burton married Catherine Springer – January 11, 1803
  • James Carver married Patsy White – January 24, 1803
  • John P. Campbell married Isabella McDowell – September 9, 1803
  • Thomas Davis married Elizabeth Dickey – April 4, 1803
  • John Devour married Peggy Barton – January 6, 1803
  • John Evans married Susannah Pulliam – September 13, 1803
  • Thomas Fowley married Frances Oxley – July 13, 1803
  • John Goodlet married Rebecca Patterson – June 1, 1803
  • Andrew Green married Bathsheba Marker – November 15, 1803
  • John Hall married Theniah Robinson – February 16, 1803
  • Tinea Hancock married Patsy Ellis – January 1, 1803
  • Henry Hardesty married Sarah Dikes – July 25, 1803
  • Kinzer Hardesty married Salley Kemper – May 20, 1803
  • William Hayes married Lucy Gatewood – 1803
  • James Johnson married Eliza Barbee – September 8, 1803
  • Benjamin Kemper married Sally Adams – October 20, 1803
  • William Lyon married Mildred McCann – December 25, 1803
  • William McCord married Elizabeth Bradley – August 1, 1803
  • Alexander McNary married Margaret Blue – August 10, 1803
  • Martin Moore married Margaret Robinson – July 26, 1803
  • Henry Purviance married Margaret Ross – June 2, 1803
  • Charles Redman married Peggy Dunkin – April 12, 1803
  • Charles Roseberry married Nancy Thurston – September 24, 1803
  • Jacob Sageser married Sally Miller – August 30, 1803
  • Samuel Stockwill married Audbery Hodge – 1803
  • Ignatius Taylor married Polly Shore – February 2, 1803
  • John True married Jemima Gess – September 15, 1803
  • Charles Tull married Nancy Patterson – March 15, 1803
  • Thomas Welsh married Jane Masterson – January 27, 1803
  • Jeremiah White married Betsy Hulett – June 15, 1803
  • John Williams married Rebecca Jones – January 30, 1803
  • James Wilson married Elizabeth Tapp – September 15, 1803
  • Joseph Wood married Mary Law – 1803

John Berkeley 1809 Will


John Berkeley 1809 Will

Fairfax County, Virginia

John Berkeley married Susannah Hancock Linton, the widow of Moses Linton in 1752/3.  He was the step-father of my Captain John Hancock Linton.  John Berkeley married first Elizabeth Longworth, with whom he had at least two children, John Longworth and George Berkeley.  John and Susannah Hancock Linton had at least two children, Scarlett and Elizabeth Berkeley.  I do not know in which book you would find this will, since it is from a very old copy, in with the information given to me by Garwood Linton.  I knew the will existed, but didn’t have an actual copy.

In the name of God, amen. I, John Berkeley, of Fairfax County do declare this to be my last will and testament in manner and form following. Imprimis. I give my soul to almighty God who gave it to me, and my body to be buried at the discretion of my Executor, hereafter mentioned, in full hopes of a blessed resurrection. Item. I give and bequeath to my son, John Longworth Berkeley, my land to him and his heirs forever. Item. I give and bequeath to my daughter, Elizabeth Lewis, one negro woman named Tabitha to her and heirs. Item. My will is that Susanna Lewis, wife of Dan P. Lewis,


have one young negro four or five years old, also John Linton to have one young negro five years old. Item. My will is that the rest of my property, Susanna Shackelford have one sixth part of after my just debts are paid. Item. My will is that the remainder of my property be equally divided between my son, Scarlett Berkeley and my son George Berkeley and my daughter Elizabeth Lewis. My will is as my son Scarlett Berkeley is dead, his five oldest children have his part. Lastly, I ordain and appoint my son-in-law James Lewis whole and sole Executor of this my last will and testament in confirmation here of I have hereunto set my hand and seal this fifth day of August 1808.

John Berkeley

In presence of Moses Hopewood, William Hancock, James Lewis, Jr.

At a court held for Fairfax County the 16th day of January, 1809

The last will and testament of John Berkeley, deceased, was presented in court by James Lewis, the Executor herein named, who made oath, and the same being proved by the oaths of Moses Hopewood, William Hancock and James Lewis, Jr. Witness hereto is admitted to record and the said Executor having performed what the law requires, a certificate is granted him for obtaining a probate hereof in due form.

Emily Merriott Biography

from Biographical Sketches – Jessamine County, Kentucky

Emily Merriott was born in Jessamine County, a member of the Christian Church, a daughter of Martin and Mary (Hifner) Frazer, and widow of William H. Merriott.  William H. Merriott was born in Baltimore, Maryland, February 11, 1816; came to Kentucky and settled in Jessamine County in 1828; was a wagon maker by trade, and lived in Nicholasville eleven years, working at his trade; he then moved to Lexington, stayed nine years, ran a flour store and then moved to his farm in Jessamine County, where he died June 3, 1882, a member of the Christian Church.  Martin Frazer was born in Virginia September 3, 1788, came to Kentucky when quite young and settled in Jessamine County; was a farmer all his life, and died April 9, 1860.  Mrs. Mary Frazer was born in Kentucky October 26, 1796, and died July 29, 1848.  No children were born to Emily Merriott and husband, but they took Watt R. Dunn, the son of Ben and Rebecca Dunn, and a nephew of Mr. Merriott, when he was two years old to rear.  Watt R. Dunn was born March 1, 1855, and was married, December 21, 1876, to Mary D. Burton, of Mercer County, the daughter of Peter H. and Martha A. Burton.  Mr. Dunn is a member of the Christian Church and his wife of the Methodist Church South.  Mrs. Merriott owns 115 acres of good land in Lee District, seven miles west of Nicholasville, which farm is intended for Watt R. Dunn.  Watt and Mary Dunn are the father and mother of three children:  the eldest, William Merriott Dunn was born October 18, 1879; Peter Burton Dunn, January 27, 1881; Mattie Alberta Dunn, March 17, 1883.