Original Marriage Certificate – Montgomery – Carrico

Original Marriage Certificate

William P. Montgomery and Martha Ann Carrico


This is to Certify That on the 30th day of December, 1862, the Rites of Marriage were legally solemnized by me, between William P. Montgomery and Martha Ann Carrico at Edward Carrico’s in the County of Washington in the presence of William Edelen and Lucy McIntire.  Signed:  John Ryan, O.S.D.

William P. Montgomery and Martha Ann Carrico are my gr-gr-grandparents.  William was the son of William Peter Montgomery and Mary Polly Yates.  His father died June 19, 1833, during a cholera outbreak in Washington County, Kentucky, two months before William was born, August 7.   Martha  Ann Carrico was the daughter of Edward Carrico and Matilda Catherine Dillehay.  She was born October 26, 1839.  They were both descendants of Maryland pioneers who made the journey from Charles County, Maryland, to Washington County, Kentucky in the latter 1790’s.

After marriage, William and Martha’s union produced ten children:  John Thomas, Robert E. Lee, Anna Laura, William Edward, Mary C., Samuel Howard, Louise Mary “Lilly”, Charles Hampton, Frances B. and Sarah Isabelle Montgomery.

Both William and Martha lived to advance ages.  William died August 22, 1910, and Martha, October 17, 1921.  Both are buried in St. Dominic Catholic Church Cemetery, in Springfield, Kentucky.  They spent their entire lives in Washington County.

William Lyons Biography

from A History of Kentucky – Ohio County

William Lyons was born March 3, 1847, in Hancock County, Kentucky, and is a son of Elias and Catherine (Newton) Lyons.  The father was also born in Hancock County.  Elias Lyons moved several times, and was in Missouri at the breaking out of the war, and served three years in the Confederate service; was taken prisoner at Monnego Springs, Missouri, and confined in McDowels’ prisons; while in the latter he died in 1863.  William Lyon accompanied his father in in all his moves, prior to and after his location in Missouri, but returned to Kentucky with his two uncles, who had gone after him.  In 1867 he returned to Kansas and remained until 1870.  November 9, 1871, he married Eda Willis, a sister of F. G. Willis.  They are the parents of five children:  Jimmie, Mamie, Ollie, Alma and an infant.  After marriage Mr. Lyons engaged in farming, milling and mercantile business.  He is the owner of over 400 acres of land in good order, and principally made and improved by himself.  He is a Democrat and a member of the Baptist Church.  His wife is a Presbyterian.

Early Marriages – Fayette County, Kentucky

Early Marriages – Fayette County, Kentucky


  • Alex ? married Polly Peck December – 14, 1800
  • John Atcheson married Margaret Ayres – August 20, 1800
  • Daniel Hook married Patsy McCreary – August 26, 1800
  • Jesse Lamme married Jane Tilford – February 3, 1800
  • Edward Little married Polly Byrd – March 28, 1800
  • James Logan married Esther Fisher – February 18, 1800
  • John Nelson married Peggy Davis – September 1800
  • William Simpson married Patsy Worlsly – May 25, 1800
  • John Smith married Phoebe Rankin – September 17, 1800
  • Thomas Steele married Margaret Morrison – November 27, 1800
  • Francis Underwood married Peggy Jervis – February 11, 1800
  • Thomas Waller married Elizabeth (Betsey) McFarlane – June 10, 1800
  • Moses Wilson married Polly January – April 22, 1800
  • Oliver Brown married Mary Garret – February 16, 1801
  • William Bu? married Isabella Davidson – April 16, 1801
  • Martin Goodman married Elizabeth Rankin – December 18, 1801
  • John Gordon married Ann Armstrong – February 9, 1801
  • William Logan married Molly Fisher – September 22, 1801
  • Isaack McIsaack married Rebecca McMillen – March 30, 1801
  • Robert Simpson married Elizabeth Gilmore – March 10, 1801
  • Thomas Wallace married Elizabeth Hamilton – March 27, 1801
  • Leroy Webster married Mary Young – December 6, 1801
  • John Wright married Jane Corn – March 16, 1801
  • Andrew Woods married Jane Smith – March 20, 1801

Henry A. Miles Family – Nelson County, Kentucky


Ritchey and I spent two days at St. Thomas Catholic Church Cemetery in rural Nelson County, Kentucky, taking photos of the older portion of the cemetery.  The church is lovely, the setting serene, the only sounds are chirping of birds and perhaps a chipmunk scampering across the ground.  Of all the gravestones we photoed there was none so heartbreaking as those of the family of Henry A. Miles.  The loss of children is always so very sad.


John Barton Miles, June 6, 1775 – July 29, 1833, born in St. Mary’s County, Maryland, and moved to Nelson County around the turn of the 19th century, was Henry’s father.  December 23, 1802 he married Sarah Howard, February 20, 1782- November 15, 1860.  Sarah was also born in St. Mary’s County, Maryland.


Henry married Ann Eliza Read June 5, 1855.  He gave his age as 42, but actually was 38 at the time.  Ann was 17.  They both lived on Beechfork in Nelson County, Kentucky.  Henry and Ann were the proud parents of fifteen children!  All girls, except one son, William Henry, born in 1872.  Of the fourteen girls, four died at a young age.


Ann Catherine “Kate” Miles was born October 1, 1857, and died three months later, December 23, 1857.  This was their second daughter, their first, Sallie, born in 1856, was named for her paternal grandmother.  The Miles took the death of their children very hard.  Another daughter, Mary, was born April 20, 1868, and died six days later.  This is the first of the monuments that would be dedicated to their deceased children.


The third daughter was also named Kate.  It was quite normal at that time for parents to name another child for one that had passed on early in life.  This daughter Kate survived for eleven years, but passed away in 1870.  Our Kate, daughter of H. A. and A. E. Miles, born November 20, 1858, died March 27, 1870.


Another gravestone was erected when daughter Maggie died in 1879, listing all four daughters.  Maggie D. Miles, born June 11, 1874, died December 2, 1879.

In the 1860 Census of Nelson county Henry is listed as 43, a farmer, with wife Ann Eliza, 20, Sallie M., 4, Kate A., 1, Sarah, 80, (his mother), and Lewis Boone, 24, laborer.

In 1870 are Henry and his wife, and six daughters – Sallie M., 14, Fannie, 9, Lillie, 7, Josie, 5, Eliza, 3 and Annie, 1, along with Emma McGill, 16, a nurse.

In 1880 in addition to Henry and Ann Eliza are Sallie, 24, Fannie, 18, (teaching), Lillie, 16, Josie, 14, Eliza, 12, Hadenia, 10, Henry, 8, and Manie (Mamie?), 3.  Daughter Maude was born in 1884.

Henry died in 1889, Ann Eliza living on until 1920.


Their only son, William Henry Miles, married Mary F. Wilson in 1897.  They had five children – two daughters and three sons.


William Henry Miles, 1871-1920


Mary E. Wilson, wife of Henry Miles, August 5, 1873 – June 23, 1911.

All are buried at St. Thomas Cemetery.

Mother’s War Ration Book Two

Scan_Pic1148 2

In going through mom’s things in the last few months I found her War Ration Book Two.  The book is issued in her name – Catherine Carrico, of Springfield, Washington County, Kentucky.  She is listed as eleven years of age – so the year would have been 1942.  The war was World War II.

Mom talked about the war quite often.  She was young, but old enough to remember some things.  Her oldest brother, Robert, was killed September 14, 1943, in Italy.  So the war was a bitter memory of losing a brother, seeing her mother cry often, and watching another brother go off to war just a few months later.  Only the girls were left on the farm, and for one year they tried to help their dad with crops and livestock, but it was just too hard.  They sold the farm and moved to town.

1.  This book is the property of the United States Government.  It is unlawful to sell or give it to any other person or to use it or permit anyone else to use it, except to obtain rationed goods for the person to whom it was issued.

2.  This book must be returned to the War Price and Rationing Board which issued it, if the person to whom it was issued is inducted into the armed services of the United States, or leaves the country for more than 30 days, or dies.  The address of the Board appears above.

3.  A person who finds a lost War Ration book must return it to the War Price and Rationing Board which issued it.

4.  Person who violate rationing regulations are subject to $10,000 fine or imprisonment, or both.

Scan_Pic1149 2

Mom’s ration book still has stamps in it – some are red, some are blue.  I’m not sure what was purchased with these stamps, but I do remember she talked about sugar and gas.

The Carrico family had a large garden, raised a few cows and hogs.  There were fruit trees on the farm.  Nothing was wasted – even when there was no war to contend with!  Grandmother canned peaches, berries, all vegetables from the garden.  Hogs were slaughtered in the fall.  Sorghum molasses were also made in fall.  In fact, that was what the family was doing when the news came that Robert had been killed.  When mom saw their parish priest and her Aunt Maggie coming toward them she knew it couldn’t be good news.  It was a sorrowful time.

Mom entrusted me with Robert’s photos, letters and her memories – not only to keep them safe, but to keep them alive and vibrant throughout the family and with whomever would listen.  I’m sure you all have stories such as this – pass them down from generation to generation!

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P. B. Scott Obituary


from The Adair County News, Columbia, Kentucky

Wednesday, June 21, 1916

Mr. Bram Scott, who lived in the mill district, a son of Mr. Isham Scott, died last Saturday night. He had been sick for many months. He leaves a wife and one child. During his illness he was kindly administered unto, but his disease baffled the skill of physicians. He was buried Monday morning in the presence of relatives and friends.

P. B. Scott, October 22, 1889 – June 17, 1916, Columbia Cemetery, Adair County, Kentucky

Baptisms – St. Charles Catholic Church

Baptisms – St. Charles Catholic Church

Marion County, Kentucky

Boarman Family

Aloysius Royal Boarman, adult, sponsor Rev. F. X. Evremond, S. J., baptized at St. Charles 22 Jun 1833
Anna Boarman, d/o Thomas and Anna Mattingly Boarman, sponsor Maria Brewer, baptized at St. Charles 19 Nov 1832
Caroline Boarman, d/o Thomas and Ann Boarman, born 20 Apr 1839, sponsor Margaret Boarman, baptized at St. Charles 23 Jun 1839
Edward Boarman, s/o Felix and Nancy Boarman, born 25 Apr 1836, sponsor Catherine Lanham, baptized at St. Charles 14 Aug 1836
Eliza Jane Boarman, d/o Thomas and Ann Boarman, born 29 Mar 1837, sponsor Harriett Mattingly, baptized at St. Charles 21 May 1837
Gabriel Boarman, s/o John O. and Susan Howard Boarman, born 14 Aug 1855, sponsor Nancy Boarman, baptized at St. Charles 29 Sep 1855
George Nicholas Boarman, s/o Felix and Nancy Boarman, born 16 Jan 1841, sponsor Eliza Clements, baptized at St. Charles 25 Apr 1841
John Oswald Boarman, s/o Felix and Nancy Boarman, born 24 Mar 1834, sponsor Sarah Cecil, baptized at St. Charles 05 May 1834
Joseph Boarman, s/o Felix and Nancy Clements Boarman, born 15 Jun 1838, sponsor Nancy Bolton, baptized at St. Charles 29 Jul 1838
Joseph Dorsey Boarman, s/o John Alexander and Caroline Thompson Boarman, born 01 Oct 1836, sponsor Priscilla Boarman, baptized at St. Charles 03 Jul 1837
Julia Ann Boarman, d/o Joseph and Priscilla Boarman, born 16 Jan 1838, sponsor Eliza Thompson, baptized at St. Charles 05 Feb 1838
Marguerite Boarman, d/o John   Alexander and Mary Thompson Boarman, born 10 May 1833, sponsors Joseph Boarman and Mary Boarman, baptized at St. Charles 02 Aug 1836
Mary Elizabeth Boarman, d/o Felix and Nancy Clements Boarman, sponsor Mary Boarman, baptized at St. Charles 12 Sep 1830
Patrick Cyril Boarman, s/o John and Susan Howard Boarman, born 08 Jul 1857, sponsor Julia Russell, baptized at St. Charles 09 Aug 1857
William Boarman, s/o Thomas and ? Mattingly Boarman, sponsor Nancy Moore, baptized at St. Charles 11 Sep 1830
William Henry Boarman, s/o James and Catherine Clements Boarman, born 01 Aug 1856, sponsor Mary Ann Boarman, baptized at St. Charles 23 Mar 1857