Forsythe Bible Records

Forsythe Bible Records

Mercer County, Kentucky

  • Matthew Forsythe of South Carolina was born March 10th 1769.
  • Jane McAfee Forsythe, daughter of Robert and Anne McCoun McAfee, was born July 26th, 1769.
  • Robert Forsythe was born February 22nd, 1793, and married Cuzzie (Keziah) Cardwell, February 21, 1823.
  • Andrew Forsythe was born December 24th, 1795, married Narcissa McAfee.
  • John Forsythe was born March 10th, 1798, married Isabella Berry, and died 1870.
  • Annie Forsythe was born January 27th, 1800.
  • Rev. William H. Forsythe was born April 14th, 1802, married Louisa Moore and died 1870.
  • Samuel Forsythe was born September 25th, 1804.
  • Sally Forsythe was born January 15th, 1807.
  • James McAfee Forsythe was born January 18th, 1809, married 1834 to Eliza M. Washburn, married second Mary Irvine and third, in March 1871, to Miss Buchanan.
  • Julia Franklin Forsythe was born June 23rd, 1811, married Willis Burford, of Missouri.
  • Matthew Forsythe, died August 7, 1846, Mercer County, Kentucky.
  • Jane Forsythe, died February 17th, 1839, Mercer County, Kentucky.
  • Robert Forsythe died September 24th, 1865, Mercer County, Kentucky.

1860 Census – Mercer County, Kentucky

  • Robert Forsythe   66
  • Keziah   55
  • Louisa   21
  • Elizabeth   18
  • Robert   16
  • John   14
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