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Today In Genealogy History – December 21

Wedding Bells Ring Today!!!!!

Washington County, Kentucky

December 21st

Richard Keeling married Mary Fowler 21 Dec 1812
Richard Lowe married Barbara Bowles 21 Dec 1817
John C. Riley married Mary Ewing 21 Dec 1820
Samuel R. Lewallen married Jerusalina Adams 21 Dec 1824
William Humphrey married Eliza Pettit 21 Dec 1825
James Ensor married Nancy Pipes 21 Dec 1826
Raphael Peterson married Matilda Beam 21 Dec 1826
Richard Prewitt married Martha Norris 21 Dec 1829
Jacob Champion married Missouri Springer 21 Dec 1831
Leonard Yates married Mary Ann Merriwether 21 Dec 1831
James Bright married Nancy Rodgers 21 Dec 1832
John S. Watts married Elizabeth E. Yocum 21 Dec 1835
James Weathers married Mary Elizabeth Moore 21 Dec 1843
James Smith married Mahala Wilson 21 Dec 1844
Jacob Bringle married Ann Jones 21 Dec 1847
Thomas W. Campbell married Clarissa Inman 21 Dec 1847
John L. Burns married Jane Durr 21 Dec 1849
Edward K. Smith married Elizabeth Wheatley 21 Dec 1850
Palmer Grundy married Sarah F. McElroy 21 Dec 1852
Alexander Waters married Nancy J. Trowbridge 21 Dec 1852
Samuel Peter married Sarah E. Reed 21 Dec 1854
James B. Rice married Pathena Peter 21 Dec 1854
William W. Pope married Susan E. Yocum 21 Dec 1858
Samuel Kurtz married Martha Susan Hundley 21 Dec 1863
James Bowman married Narcissa J. Harley 21 Dec 1868
Thomas T. Jones married Elizabeth Boyle 21 Dec 1871
John H. Wohner married Sabra J. Hale 21 Dec 1874
John Gist married Catherine Walker 21 Dec 1875
John E. Carrico married Fannie Brown 21 Dec 1876
James Phillips married Jane Moran 21 Dec 1876
James H. Poole married Mary Hale 21 Dec 1876
W. R. Keeling married Lucy A. Wilson 21 Dec 1879
William J. Searcy married Nancy E. Smith 21 Dec 1879
J. H. Wycoff married Mollie Foley 21 Dec 1880
J. T. Goode married Rose Rigdon 21 Dec 1882
William James married Maggie McCain 21 Dec 1882
James B. Sims married Mattie E. Hendron 21 Dec 1887
R. L. Keightly married Jane Cooksey 21 Dec 1890
Green Vessells married Bettie F. Hickerson 21 Dec 1891
Jackson Hope married Lizzie Douglas 21 Dec 1892

News From The Schuyler Citizen – 1860

The Schuyler Citizen

Rushville, Schuyler County, Illinois

Died – John Gardner – at the residence of his step-father, Hugh Smith, eight miles north of Rushville on Monday the 18th inst., John Gardner, aged about 18 years.  “Little Jo Gardner” as we usually called him, was a remarkable character, when a little boy he injured his spine by falling from a ladder standing against the side of a house, and with which he was amusing himself.  He became a hunch back; but in proportion as his body became deformed did his mind become accelerated and ennobled.  When quite a boy he joined the M. E. Church and from the first and throughout was a bright exemplar of its principles – a practical, faithful Christian.  He was fully resigned to his melancholy condition, never repining, always cheerful and died saying he “rejoiced in the near prospect of soon resting from his life of pain and affliction in the arms of his blessed Savior”.  The Schuyler Citizen, June 20, 1860

Died – Mrs. John Philips – At four o’clock last Saturday afternoon (9th inst.,) the wife of Mr. John Phillips, living near Huntsville, hung herself.  We learn from a neighbor that she had recently exhibited signs of mental derangement, owing it was supposed to a late marriage in her family of which she disapproved.  A few days before her suicide she had requested her sister-in-law to ask her husband to kill her.  On Saturday morning she met with a person who was fully acquainted with the circumstances attending the recent suicide in the neighborhood, of Mrs. Marlowe, and obtained from him by close questioning every particular as to the manner of tying the rope, etc.  In the afternoon the family were all absent but a little son.  She made him go to the field to cut sprouts, and then went into the meat house in the yard and hung herself, following the plan of Mrs. Marlowe.  Her little son was the first to discover her.  A couple of daughters had just come in and with the aid of a man who was just then passing she was taken down, but life was quite extinct.  She was buried on the following day.  The Schuyler Citizen, June 27, 1860.

Died – John Bohrman – Our city has been the scene of another suicide.  John Bohrman, a German butcher, was found suspended by the neck in his stable loft, about nine o’clock yesterday morning.  He had evidently been hanging several hours when he was discovered.  An inquest was held and a verdict rendered in accordance with the above facts.  Beardstown Democrat, 19th inst., The Schuyler Citizen, June 27, 1860

Died – Thomas M. Martin – On Wednesday evening, July 4th, in the fortieth year of his age, from the effects of wounds received about his head and breast by the premature discharge of a cannon, Thomas M. Martin, son of the Rev. Thomas Martin, of Tennessee.  Mr. Martin came with his family to Rushville in December 1855, and during his residence here had won, by the uniform uprightness of his life, the confidence and esteem of our entire community.  He was a member of the M. E. Church, having joined when quite a youth and such had been the consistency of his Christian life with his profession, that when the Dread Messenger came in so unexpected a moment he did not find him unguarded, for so soon as he regained his speech he expressed his entire willingness to obey the summons.  During the few hours he survived his wounds he was calm and collected, and spoke much of the blissful abode he felt assured of being about to enter.  He expired peacefully and happily while being brought homeward.  He was also a prominent member both of the Good Templar and Masonic Fraternity of this place, and an officer in each.  Both of the Lodges here attended his funeral.  The Schuyler Citizen, July 11, 1860

Died – Mr. David C. Gillam – on Thursday at 12 midnight from the effect of wounds received in the head and breast at the same time with Mr. Martin, Mr. David C. Gillam (brother of B. C. Gillam) of this place, in the 29th year of his age.  Mr. Gillam is well known in this community, and enjoyed the respect of all who knew him.  He was a member of the Methodist Church.  From the moment he was struck his reason was gone, and though able to talk, up to the period of his death, his mind was wondering.  At the time of his death he was sexton of the Presbyterian Church.  It is a singular coincidence that Mr. Martin also was the sexton of the M. E. Church.  The bodies of both were conveyed to the M. E. Church, and an impressive funeral discourse preached by the Pastor Rev. W. D. Lemon, assisted by the Revs. John Scripps and S. E. Wishard.  A large concourse of sympathizing friends attended the burial.  The bereaved families have the warm sympathies of our entire community.  Mr. Gillam leaves a wife and three children.  Mr. Martin leaves a wife and six children.  The Schuyler Citizen, July 11, 1860.

Today In Genealogy History – December 20

Zachariah Green died 176 years ago – December 20, 1837 – in Nelson County, Kentucky.  Zachariah was the son of Leven Green and Mary Ellis, born October 8, 1783, in Loudoun County, Virginia.  He married Fanny Duncan in 1804.  Zachariah and Fanny had 8 children:  Leven, Mary, Rebecca, Milly, Margaret, Henry, Thomas and Ivy Green.

John W. Lewis Biography

From Ohio County, Kentucky – Biographies

John W. Lewis, Ohio County, was born November 17, 1817, in Jefferson County, Kentucky; removed with his parents to Meade County, where he was raised.  His father, Lieutenant Henry Lewis, one of a family of twelve sons and two daughters, a native of Culpeper County, Virginia, was a soldier in the War of 1812; removed to Kentucky about 1816, and died in Meade County in 1845.  He was the son of Captain William Lewis, a Revolutionary soldier, who died in Culpeper County, Virginia, in 1845, at the age of eighty-four years.  He was of Welsh extraction.  Henry married Nancy, daughter of John and Elizabeth Nall, of Washington County, Kentucky; she died in 1846; their union resulted in the birth of John W., Catherine A. (Nall), Linda G. (Ditto), Sara M. (Foreman), Emily (Lewis), Nancy A. (Compton) and James S.  John W. Lewis has been twice married; first March 2, 1847, to Omacinda J., daughter of William and Elizabeth (McFarland) Field, of Ohio County, born in 1835; died August 4, 1864, and to them were born Joshua F., Thomas L., Nancy E. (Coffey) and Henry W.  July 17, 1866, Mr. Lewis married Beatrice, daughter of Willis and Louisa (McFarland) Field, of Daviess County; she was born in 1843 and to their union was born one son – John G.  In 1837 Mr. Lewis commenced clerking in Hartford, and in 1839 entered in partnership with his employer in the mercantile business, in which he continued until 1848, and in 1861, he became a cashier of the Hartford Branch of the People’s Bank of Kentucky, which was superseded by the National Banking System in 1865.  He then again embarked in the mercantile business, which he continued for a period of ten years, and in 1876 located in Rosine, where he and his sons are now engaged in the milling business.  He lost thirteen slaves by the late war, and in 1873 suffered heavily by the general depreciation of property.  He has been for forty years a member of the Masonic fraternity, and was many times master of the lodge.  In politics he is identified with the Democratic party.

Today In Genealogy History – December 19

Margaret Westhead and Richard Barton were married 382 years ago – December 19, 1631.  Margaret was the daughter of Edward Westhead and Grace Leatherborrow.  Richard was the son of Henry Barton and Margaret Gill.  Richard and Margaret had 9 children:  Edward, James, James, Thomas, John, Robert, John, Margaret and Roger Barton.

Baptisms – St. Catherine Church, Nelson County, Kentucky

Baptisms – St. Catharine Church, Nelson County, Kentucky

Mary Susan Boone, d/o Henry and Ann Rapier Boone, born 02 Feb 1844, sponsor Avie Rapier, baptized at St. Catharine 04 Fe 1844
William Bowling, s/o Robert and Catherine Johnson Bowling, baptized at St. Catharine 28 Apr 1844
Margaret Burch, d/o Charles and Ann Peak Burch, born 17 Feb 1844, sponsor Rebecca Burch, baptized at St. Catharine 19 Feb 1844
Lewis Carroll, s/o Elijah and Sara Ann Willmot Carroll, born 14 Nov 1843, sponsor Margaret Ann Luckett, baptized at St. Catharine 05 May 1844
Robert Athanasius Duvall, s/o Dennis and Charlotte Cambron Duvall, born 08 Dec 1843, sponsor Sara Norris, baptized at St. Catharine 27 Jan 1844
Robert Abell Fogle, s/o Elizabeth Fogle, born 06 Jun 1843, sponsor Teresa Fogle, baptized at St. Catharine 15 May 1844
Still-born son of Joseph Fogle, baptized at St. Catharine 15 May 1844
Mary Jane Hayden, d/o Mary Ellen Hayden, born 14 Jan 1844, baptized at St. Catharine 28 Apr 1844
James William Humphrey, s/o John H. and Elizabeth Head Humphrey, age two weeks, sponsor Sary Hagan, baptized at St. Catharine 10 Jan 1843
Lavina Lafollett, d/o John Lafollett, age 16 years, baptized at St. Catharine 20 Feb 1844
Charles Aloysius Mattingly, s/o Richard and Eliza Hagan Mattingly, baptized at St. Catharine 15 Jan 1843
Susan Murphy, d/o Charles and Isabella Johnson Murphy, born 04 Nov 1839, sponsor Ann Woods, baptized at St. Catharine 10 May 1844
Elizabeth Norris, d/o John and Mary Jane Smith Norris, born 05 Feb 1844, sponsor Mary Jane Dixon, baptized at St. Catharine 10 Mar 1844
John B. Norris, s/o John and Sary Coy Norris, born 01 Dec 1843, baptized at St. Catharine 27 Jan 1844
Mary Josephine Pottinger, d/o Robert and Hellina Scott Pottinger, age seven months, sponsor Elizabeth ?, baptized at St. Catharine 15 Jan 1843
Mary Elizabeth Terrence, d/o Alvron and Rachel Brunk Terrence, born 16 Jan 1830, sponsor Mary Abell, baptized at St. Catharine 05 May 1844
Charles Thompson, s/o Stephen and Ann Bowling Thompson, born 31 Mar 1844, sponsor Susan Boone, baptized at St. Catharine 04 May 1844
Henry, illegitimate s/o Caroline, slave of Stephen Thompson, born 01 Feb 1844, sponsor Ann Thompson, baptized at St. Catharine 04 May 1844
Louisa Ann Thornbury, d/o Henry and Charlotte Edelen Thornbury, born 10 Apr 1844, sponsor Elizabeth Peak, baptized at St. Catharine 25 Apr 1844
Letitia Ann Toole, d/o Heliebald and Elizabeth Morgan Toole, born 25 Aug 1843, sponsor Elizabeth Bradley, baptized at St. Catharine 04 May 1844

Today In Genealogy History – December 18

George William Carrico was born 176 years ago – December 18, 1837 – in Hardin County, Kentucky.  George was the son of James William Carrico and Elizabeth Littlejohn.  He married Emily Catherine Wells in 1858.  George and Emily had 4 children:  George William, Bettie Margaret, Newman Wells, and Nellis Morris Carrico.

Loudoun County, Virginia – Wills

Loudoun County, Virginia – Wills

1793-1797, pp. 120-121

In the name of God, amen.  I, Francis Pagett, of the County of Loudoun and State of Virginia, being very sick and weak in body but of perfect mind and memory, thanks be given to God, calling to mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed once for all men to die, do make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form following.

Imprimis.  I give and bequeath to my son, Timothy, and his heirs, the land which I purchased from James Tibbs.

Item.  I lend to my wife, Ruth Pagett, during her natural life, my Negro man named David, and after her decease I give the said Negro to my two daughters, Frances Pagett and Amy Pagett, and their heirs forever.

Item.  I give to my son, Reuben Pagett, five shillings current money and no more.

Item.  I give to my daughter, Rachel Cunningham, five shillings current money and no more.

Item.  I give to my daughter, Elizabeth Walrund, five shillings current money and no more.

Item.  I give to my daughter, Mary Loins, five shillings current money and no more.

Item.  I give to my daughter, Nancy Hill, five shillings current money and no more.

Item.  I give to my daughter Peggy Evan, five shillings current money and no more.

I give to my daughter, Cynthia Miller, five shillings current money and no more.

Item.  My will and desire is that all the residue and remaining part of my estate that is not already given is to be equally divided immediately after my death between my wife, Ruth, and my two daughters, Frances and Amy, and their heirs forever.

Lastly, I nominate, constitute and appoint my son, Timothy Pagett, and Thomas Loins, executors of this my last will and testament, revoking and disannulling all former and other wills heretofore by me made allowing this to be my last.  In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this seventh day of May 1790.

Francis Pagett

Signed, sealed, declared and pronounced to be his last will and testament in the presence of William Eskridge, Jeremiah Hutchison, Joshua Hardy and Jacob James.

At a Court held for Loudoun County, July the 13th, 1795

This will was proved by the oaths of Jeremiah Hutchison, William Eskridge and Jacob James, three of the subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded, and on the motion of Timothy Pagett, the executor therein named, who made oath according to law, and together with Jeremiah Hutchison and Jacob James, his securities, entered into and acknowledged their bond in the penalty of one thousand pounds conditioned as the law directs.  Certificate if granted him for obtaining a probate thereof in due form.  And liberty is reserved the other executor to join in the probate when he shall think fit.  Jane Pagett, widow and relict of the said Francis Pagett, came into court and relinquished all benefit she might claim under this will and claims the provision allowed by law.  Teste, Charles Binns, Clerk Court

Today In Genealogy History – December 17

Ann Nancy Pead and Moses Linton were married 213 years ago – December 17, 1800 – in Orange County, Virginia.  Moses was the son of John Hancock Linton and Ann Nancy Mason.  Ann and Moses had 5 children:  Benjamin Clark, Nancy Millie, William Yerby, Moses Filmore and Frances Ann Linton.

Hall Families of Shelby County, Kentucky

From Shelby County, Kentucky – Biographies

Hall Family

William M. Hall, a son of Squire and Joanna (Robards) Hall, was born May 31, 1816, in Baltimore, Maryland.  His parents were also natives of that city.  Squire Hall was a merchant in Baltimore, but after his removal to Kentucky, followed farming.  He first located in Henry County, but later moved to Shelby County.  William M. was educated at the common schools.  He devotes his time to farming, and owns 140 acres of well-improved land in Shelby County.  He married July 26, 1839, Mary Corley, only daughter of Richard and Sarah (Bird) Corley.  Seven children have been born to their union:  Squire, Sarah, Susan, William, Mary, John and Everett.  Mr. Hall is a member of the Methodist Church.  Politically he is a Democrat.

Squire Hall, farmer, was born in Henry County, Kentucky, December 25, 1823, a son of Squire and Joanna (Robards) Hall.  Our subject was married, February 20, 1845, to Lucy Reed, of Shelby County, daughter of William Reed.  Six children blessed their union, five of whom are living:  Wesley, who married Miss Rucker; John married Miss Dunnivan (they had six children:  Clarence, Samuel O., Lizzie, Alonzo, Jannie and Alphus); Alonzo married Miss Beckley; Winnie A. married Mr. Hall (they had three children:  Lucy, Pearl and Charles); Ita, better known as Jake, married Mr. Baker and had two children:  Fletcher and Daisy E.  Mr. and Mrs. Hall are members of the Methodist Church.  He has followed farming all his life, and owns 300 acres of land.  Mr. Hall has lived through an eventful period, and in his old age has many friends and no enemies.

William H. Hall, a native of Shelby County, Kentucky, was born September 15, 1841, and is a son of the late Colonel Bartlett M. and Ann A. (Offutt) Hall, both born in Scott County in 1800.  Colonel Bartlett Hall settled in Shelby County about 1827, was an extensive farmer, an elder in the Presbyterian Church, a director of the Shelbyville Bank, and died August 20, 1870.  William H. Hall is well known throughout the country as a breeder of Shorthorn cattle, having commenced in 1868.  He has put more money in the business than any other man in Shelby County, having paid as high as $850 for a single female, and $1,050 for a male.  Some of the best Shorthorns ever shown in Kentucky have been bred or imported by him.  About five years ago he formed a partnership with his neighbor, M. W. B. Dale, and the name of Hall & Dale became at once among the best known in Kentucky, because of the show herds they led into the fair rings in the bluegrass section, and the many premiums they won.  They sold in two months, in 1885, forty head of Shorthorns to their countymen, and their sales were quite extensive all over the West.  This firm was only recently dissolved, and Mr. Hall became sole proprietor of his Wicklow herd of Mary, Phyllis and other good families, headed by Baron Wily 3d.  Mr. Hall has served on the board of the Shelby County A. & M. Association, always giving the earnest attention to the duties that he does to his private business.  He is an influential member of the Shelby County Shorthorn Breeders’ Association.  In politics he is a Democrat, and in religion a Presbyterian.  His farm of 760 acres is pleasantly located, adjoining the western limits of Shelbyville, and is well improved in every way.  William H. Hall was married, October 24, 1865, to Miss Margaret A. Payne, daughter of Colonel Edward C. Payne, and Margaret D. Harbison.  Colonel Payne, when a young man, came from Fayette County to Shelby County, Kentucky, where he died in 1863, aged seventy years.  His mother was a daughter of Colonel John Howard.  His grandmother a sister of John Preston, of Virginia.  The long and honored line of his ancestry of Revolutionary  memory, was identified with the history of Virginia; and his grandfather, Howard, early immigrated to Kentucky as one of its pioneers.  Margaret D. Harbison was a daughter of Colonel Samuel Harbison.  Mrs. Hall has two sisters, Mrs. Dr. J. W. Dodd, of Nashville, Tennessee, and Mrs. J. S. Harbison, of Kansas City, Missouri.  The children born to Mr. and Mrs. William H. Hall are named as follows:  Edward Payne Hall, Curtis Preston Hall, Margaret Payne Hall, William Dodd Hall and Mary Davis Hall.