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St. Rose Catholic Church Baptisms

St. Rose Catholic Church Baptisms

Washington County, Kentucky

May 18th

Ignatius Carrico, s/o Cornelius and Teresa O’Bryan Carrico, sponsor Lucy Carrico nee Reed, baptized at St. Rose 18 May 1834
Sarah Ann Thompson, d/o Raphael and Caroline Montgomery Thompson, born 15 May 1850, baptized at St. Rose 18 May 1850
John Moffatt, s/o Joseph Joel and Harriet Elizabeth Clements Moffatt, born 27 Feb 1867, baptized at St. Rose 18 May 1867
Mary Louise Carrico, d/o William Levi and Isabel Augusta Jarboe Carrico, born 13 May 1872, baptized at St. Rose 18 May 1872
Thomas William Medley, s/o Thomas Walter and Rose Ann Carrico Medley, born 12 May 1872, baptized at St. Rose 18 May 1872
William Anderson Wilson, s/o Thomas and Mildred Jane Frazier Wilson, born 22 Feb 1873, baptized at St. Rose 18 May 1873
John Henry Anderson, s/o James A. and Sarah Isham Anderson, born 10 Apr 1875, baptized at St. Rose 18 May 1875
Angela Kelly, d/o Daniel A. and Elizabeth Ann Winfield Kelly, born 19 Feb 1880, baptized at St. Rose 18 May 1880
Joseph Edward Cantor, s/o William and Catherine Grace Cantor, born 05 Apr 1881, baptized at St. Rose 18 May 1881
Joseph Spencer Osborne, s/o William and America Cambron Osborne, born 06 Dec 1880, baptized at St. Rose 18 May 1881
Mary Prudence Champion, d/o Benedict Bean and Mary Magdalene Janes Champion, born 07 Mar 1884, baptized at St. Rose 18 May 1884
Henry Stanley Fenwick, s/o William George and Mary Ann Litsey Fenwick, born 05 Apr 1884, baptized at St. Rose 18 May 1884
Francis Bernard Hayden, s/o Benjamin and Mary Alice Logsdon Hayden, born 18 Mar 1884, baptized at St. Rose 18 May 1884
John Benedict Higdon, s/o Benedict and Mary Frances Miles Higdon, born 03 Apr 1884, baptized at St. Rose 18 May 1884

Joseph F. Ray Biography

from Metcalfe County, Kentucky – Biographies

Joseph F. Ray was born July 15, 1825, in Lebanon, Marion County, Kentucky, where he grew up, and in 1844 removed with his parents to Metcalfe (then Barren) County, where he now resides.  The country at that time was very thinly settled; game was abundant, as many as fifteen deer being found in one drove at that time near his home.  His father, Nicholas Ray, was born near Point of Rocks, Maryland, November 4, 1782, and was a soldier under General Jackson at New Orleans.  He was a son of Nicholas Ray, Sr., who was also a native of Maryland, and was of English descent.  Nicholas Ray, Sr., came to Washington (afterwards Marion) County, in 1796, and was among the first settlers of that section of the country.  Nicholas Ray, Jr., married, September 6, 1810, Mary, daughter of Presley and Nancy (Kincheloe) Smith.  From this union sprang Susan S. (Shackleford), Nicholas S., Presley S. and Joseph F.  The last name married, November 1, 1848, Lavina M., youngest daughter of Edmund Rogers.  To them have been born Edmund R., Nicholas, Mary S. (Rhoer), Anna O., Kate U., Ellen, H. Lee, Presley W., Joseph, L. Byrd and John.  Mr. Ray was a classical graduate of the class of 1844 of Centre College, Danville, Kentucky.  He and one other were all who were present at the alumni reunion in 1885, out of a class of nineteen.  He has for the greater part of his time given his attention to farming, but has also been engaged in school teaching – among other places at the Edmonton Academy.  He lost by the war in slaves and in the confiscation of other property about $12,000, but in spite of this, entirely by his own efforts he has become the owner of about 150 acres of well improved land.  He has during his life taken some interest in politics, and in 1857 ran for the Legislature on the Whig (or as it was sometimes termed, the Know-nothing) ticket, but was defeated by twenty votes out of about 3,300.  He has, since 1844, been a consistent member of the Presbyterian Church, in which he is now an elder, and in politics is a Democrat.

Lincoln County Kentucky Marriage Records

Lincoln County Kentucky Marriage Records

Thomas Key married Martha Davis 06 Jan 1791
Abner Key married Nancy Robertson 14 Feb 1798
George Keys married Mary Huffman 04 Apr 1795
Bryant Kidd married Rebecca Oaks 23 Aug 1841
Moses Kidd married Sally Richards 23 Jun 1820
Eli Kidwell married Nancy Carmack 27 Dec 1847
Henry Kilburn married Betsy Ball 05 Sep 1825
Henry Kilburn married Charity Pointer 19 Aug 1788
William Killman married Lucy Ann Barnett 29 Nov 1849
John Kincaid married Sarah Dodds 01 Dec 1798
James Kincaid married Sarah Wilson 04 Feb 1784
Samuel Kincaid married Lettice Black 24 Apr 1810
John Kincaid married Martha Susan Owsley 27 Nov 1844
William Kincaid married Mary Forbes 29 Mar 1827
Herbert King married Polly Owsley 02 Apr 1809
John King married Susanna Davidson 06 Aug 1785
Herbert King married Elizabeth J. Suddith 15 Dec 1842
William King married Peggy McClain 17 Sep 1800
David King married Jane Leeper 29 Jun 1815
William Kinney married Margaret Gee 01 Sep 1806
Charles Kirkland married Elizabeth Thompson 06 Oct 1796
John Kirkland married Mary Folly 14 May 1783
John Kirkland married Sarah Hocker 29 Nov 1847
David Kirkpatrick married Mary F. Barnett 11 Apr 1842
Jenkins Kirkpatrick married Mariah Hiatt 21 Mar 1820
Elijah Kirtley married Polly Buford 10 Dec 1800
John Kissee married Susannah Huffman 27 Dec 1843
Henry Kissinger married Catherine Middleton 08 May 1816
John Kissinger married Sarah Middleton 14 Jul 1790
Christian Knary married Barbara Gorshindler 19 Jul 1787
John Kutch married Elizabeth McKune 01 May 1806
William Lackey married Patsy Wilson 29 Apr 1819
John E. Lafferty married Mary R. DePauw 10 Jul 1849
George Lair married Catherine Hogland 01 Sep 1787
William Lair married Delila Eades 03 Jan 1837
William F. Lair married Polly Follet 11 May 1850
Hubbard Lair married Judith Montgomery 14 Dec 1818
Joshua Lair married Sarah Ramsey 15 Jun 1813
William M. Lair married Naoma Jones 19 May 1835
Stephen B. Lair married Rhoda Lavender 25 Aug 1829
Monroe Lair married Levisa Williams 25 Dec 1839
Reuben Lair married Nancy Irvin 27 May 1830
Raphael Lancaster married Caroline C. Carter 10 Jan 1814
Gillaird Land married Elizabeth Painter 25 Jun 1835
Edward Land married Sarah Armstrong 28 Feb 1814
James P. Land married Louisa Baker 29 Oct 1846
Frederic Landberrier married Catey May 25 Jun 1798
Lewis Landrum married Susan Miller 12 Jan 1836
Lewis Landrum married Eliza Ann Miller 28 Dec 1837
Jacob Lane married Mary V. Foley 27 Dec 1848
Evan Lane married Elizabeth Frances 29 Jul 1848
Abraham Laney married Nelly Dunaway 19 Oct 1841
Abraham Laney married Jane Biby 22 Aug 1826
Jesse Lanfield married Fanny Bell 31 Jul 1806
Samuel Langdon married Polly Lucas 03 Feb 1825
Joseph Langdon married Diannah Haggard 06 Jan 1809
Samuel Langdon married Molly Thurman 14 May 1815
Walker Langford married Mary Warren 09 Sep 1800
Stephen Langford married Lois Mullins 22 Jul 1807
Benjamin Lankford married Nancy Peyton 21 Feb 1787
John Lany married Priscilla Ellison 01 Dec 1838
Samuel Lapsley married Peggy Irvin 03 Oct 1785
Samuel Lapsley married Mary Jane Bronough 21 Jan 1846
John Lapsley married Catey Fermester 28 Dec 1796
John Largen married Eve Lachance 31 Jul 1792
James Larrime married Mildred Arnold 29 Sep 1792
Jacob Laswell married Elizabeth Hopper 18 Dec 1815
John Lavender married Mary Tudor 28 Apr 1837
Irvine Lavery married Louisa Mosley 24 Dec 1839
Jesse Lawless married Mahala Colvin 05 Oct 1808
John Lawrence married Elizabeth McCinnery 01 Aug 1785
Hugh Lawrence married Jane Emmerson 01 Dec 1823
William Lawrence married Jane Barnett 03 Nov 1800
George Lawrence married Sally Pennington 04 Dec 1811
John Lawrence married Polly Forsythe 07 Feb 1804
Samuel Lawrence married Rachel Barnett 07 Jan 1799
Solomon Lawrence married Anne McConnell 27 Jan 1784
Jeremiah Laws married Frances Durham 24 Nov 1787
David Lawson married Ann Richardson 05 Aug 1788
Joseph S. Lazure married Dorinda Fresh 08 Nov 1836

Abner Holton Obituary

Obituaries From Bracken County, Kentucky

Abner Holton was born in Fauquier County, Virginia, March 10, 1790.  He was the youngest son of Reverend William and Abigail German Holton.  He married Mary Ann Blackerby in Mason County May 20, 1812.  She was the daughter of Jeduthan and Mary Ann Orear Chamberlayne Blackerby.  The Holton family moved from Fauquier County to Mason County about 1795, and settled near Minerva.  Ten of their eleven children came with them, the oldest, Mrs. Malinda Orear, remained in Fauquier County with her family.  Abner and Mary Ann Holton had two children, Augustus Frederick and Frederica A. Holton.  Abner Holton served in the War of 1812 as a private in Captain Charles Ward’s Company, Third Regiment, Kentucky Mounted Militia, commanded by Lt. Col. Andrew Porter from September 1, 1812, to October 15, 1812.  He also served in Captain Joseph Logan’s company, Kentucky Volunteer Militia, commanded by Lt. Col. Porter from September 10, 1814, to October 9, 1814.  The Holton family were Baptists in Virginia.  When they moved to Kentucky they became members of the Bracken Baptist Church near Minerva on Bracken Creek in Mason County.  Abner Holton and his family moved to Bracken County in the 1820’s.  He and his family became members of the Willow Creek Baptist Church.  Abner was named trustee on October 23, 1827, and was ordained as a minister by the church on February 18, 1828.  He died on October 27, 1857, and was buried in the Blackerby Family Cemetery at Berlin, Bracken County.

Adair County Kentucky Revolutionary Pensions

Soldiers of the Revolutionary War Who Received Pensions While Residing in Adair County Kentucky

ABRAHAM AARONS – Private, Virginia Line, born March 17, 1759, in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  When he was twelve years of age his father moved to Pittsylvania County, Virginia, where he lived until after the war.  He then moved to Botetourt County, Virginia, where he lived until 1816 when he moved to Green County, Tennessee.  He remained there until 1824 when he settled in Adair County, Kentucky.  He entered the service in March 1780 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.  His pension began March 4, 1831, certificate issued April 12, 1833.

JOSHUA ATKINSON – Private, Virginia Line, born in 1755.  Entered the service in 1780 in Amelia County, Virginia.  Pension began March 4, 1831, certificate issued June 7, 1833.

HENRY ARMSTRONG – Private, Virginia Line, born February 28, 1754.  Entered the service January 1, 1778, in Rockingham County, Virginia, where he lived.  Later he lived for a time in Botetourt County, Virginia.  In 1807 he removed to Adair County, Kentucky.  His pension began March 4, 1831, certificate issued November 12, 1833.

ELISHA BAILEY – Private, Virginia Line, born November 20, 1763, died November 30, 1841.  Entered the service in the spring of 1781 in Albemarle County, Virginia, where he lived.  Several years after the war he removed to Lincoln County, Kentucky.  Later he settled in Adair County, in 1801.  His pension began March 4, 1831, certificate issued September 23, 1833.

Hannah Bailey, widow of Elisha Bailey, Bible records:

  • Elisha Bailey, son of John and Mary Bailey, born November 20, 1763
  • Hannah Gay, daughter of Thomas and Peggy Gay, born March 11, 1764
  • Elisha Bailey and Hannah Gay married December 19, 1782

Children of Elisha and Hannah (Gay) Bailey:

  • Thomas T. Bailey, born April 3, 1784
  • Polly L. Bailey, born April 1, 1786
  • John Bailey, born July 22, 1788
  • Betsy Bailey, born December 31, 179? (blotted and torn)
  • Samuel B. Bailey, born January 19, 1796
  • Hiram Bailey, born August 18, 1798
  • Terry Bailey, born December 27, 1800
  • Blane Bailey, born January 13, 1803
  • Benjamin Bailey, born August 25, 1809
  • Thomas T. Bailey and Polly Atkinson married July 12, 1809

Pension of Hannah Bailey began March 4, 1843, certificate issued April 17, 1844

ROBERT BUSBY – Private, Virginia Continental, born July 1759 in Hanover County, Virginia, entered the service October 1776 in Hanover County, Virginia.  During his service his father moved to Goochland County, Virginia.  After the war he settled in Amelia County, Virginia, where he lived for several years, then moved to Bedford County, Virginia, where he lived until 1815 when he moved to Adair County, Kentucky.  Mentions his brother, James Busby, also a Revolutionary soldier.  Pension began March 4, 1831, certificate issued January 28, 1834.

CHARLES BETTSWORTH – Private and Corporal, Virginia Line, born November 23, 1761, in Washington Parish, King George County, Virginia, and lived there until the winter of 1777-8 when he entered the service there.  From 1779 to 1782 he lived with his father in King George County, Virginia, then he settled in Westmoreland County, Virginia, until the spring of 1807 when he moved to Botetourt County, Virginia, where he lived until the fall of 1814 when he moved to Green County, Kentucky.  He lived there until 1817 when he settled in Adair County, Kentucky.  Mentions his children, but not by name, excepting one son, Evan Bettsworth.  May 26, 1834 he says, “Most of my children have removed to Illinois.”  Pension began March 4, 1831, certificate issued August 22, 1833.



Thomas E. Bramlette

Thomas E. Bramlette – Adair County, Kentucky

Thomas Elliott Bramlette was born on January 3, 1817, in that part of Cumberland County that is now Clinton County, Kentucky.  He was the son of Colonel Ambrose S. and Sarah (Elliott) Bramlette.  He studied law and was admitted to the bar at the age of twenty.  In September of that year he married Sallie Travis. He was a state legislator, representing Clinton County, before his thirtieth birthday and was appointed Commonwealth Attorney by Governor John J. Crittenden in 1848.

In 1852, after resigning his post as Commonwealth Attorney two years earlier to resume his law practice, Bramlette moved to Columbia, Adair County, Kentucky.  He bought a house, at the time just out of the city limits, situated on a lot adjoining the present post office.  He resided in this structure until 1859 when he purchased a house just off the square.  The Bramlette family lived in this house until he was elected Governor of Kentucky in 1863.

When the Civil War broke out in 1861, Bramlette accepted a commission in the Federal army and raised the 3rd Kentucky Infantry.  Mrs. Ruth Paull Burdette, in her book “Early Columbia . . .”, relates the following story concerning then Colonel Bramlette:

Sometime during the early portion of the Civil War, Mary, a little daughter of Bramlette, became seriously ill.  While she was ill, Confederates learned that Colonel Bramlette was in Columbia.  A detachment was sent to town to arrest him.  James Baker, then a small boy, saw the Confederates coming and ran to warn the Colonel.  Bramlette could not bring himself to leave the bedside of his daughter and refused to flee.  When the enemy arrived at the house, Bramlette told them that he wouldn’t leave under the circumstances.  After a short conference, the Confederate commander replied that under the circumstances they would not arrest the Federal officer.

Little Mary Bramlette died soon after the aforementioned incident and is buried in the Columbia City Cemetery with a lovely white marble marker at the head of her grave.

Colonel Thomas E. Bramlette resigned from the army in 1862 when President Lincoln appointed him the U. S. District Attorney for this area.

In 1863 Joshua Bell was nominated for Governor of Kentucky by the Union Democrats, but he withdrew from the race.  Bramlette was chosen to take Bell’s place on the ticket.  He ran against Charles Wickliffe and won the race for the highest office in Kentucky.  He had an uphill battle to fight.  Being governor of a border state was a very difficult job and many unpopular decisions had to be made.

Because private raiders committed various crimes in the state after it was under Federal control, Union General Burbridge issued an order in July 1864 stating that he would execute four “outlaws” for every innocent man killed by the raiders.  This led to the execution of several men, most if not all innocent of any crime.  To secure safety for any Confederate sympathizers, whether active or inactive in guerilla type warfare, Governor Bramlette stepped into the picture.

This was only one of the confrontations during the War between Bramlette and the military.

After his term expired in 1867, he moved to Louisville where he started his law practice anew.  He died in 1875 in Louisville and is buried there.

Hill – Pollard – Stanley Bible

Hill – Pollard – Stanley Bible

This is from Glenda Price of Fallon, Nevada, a lovely lady descended from this Hill family.  Glenda came through Harrodsburg several years ago, on her way to research in Garrard County, and we lunched at Beaumont Inn.  What a delight to meet her!  Both our Hill families were from Garrard County, Kentucky. 

“These records have been typed from copies sent to me of a bible which is now in the possession of a Stanley descendant.  The bible was probably originally owned by Elizabeth Hill, wife of Abraham Bradley Stanley.  I was told that the bible is copyrighted in 1877.  Elizabeth apparently copied information from another source for the previous generations.  It was then continued by Daisy Stanley, daughter of Elizabeth Hill and Abraham Bradley Stanley.  The Hill family of Garrard County, Kentucky, had located in Ohio County, Kentucky, by 1860, and Abraham Bradley Stanley was there by 1874.  The Hill family came to Kentucky from Virginia.”


  • William Hill, Sen., Great-Grandparent
  • John Hill, Sen., Grandparent, born 1790
  • Malinda Hill, Grandparent, born 1789
  • John Banks Pollard born December 27, 1787
  • Ann (Thompson) Pollard born January 5, 1796
  • Dr. Oliver Perry Hill born 1812
  • William Hill born January 28, 1816
  • Ann Eliza Hill born April 26, 1822
  • Nancy Jane Hill born September 22, 1837, in Garrard County, Kentucky
  • Oliver Perry Hill born June 20, 1840, in Garrard County, Kentucky
  • James Thomas Hill born October 10, 1842, in Garrard County, Kentucky
  • Elizabeth Ann Hill born October 3, 1844, in Garrard County, Kentucky
  • Malinda Ellen Hill born December 25, 1846, in Garrard County, Kentucky
  • John Pollard Hill born January 26, 1851, in Garrard County, Kentucky
  • George William Hill born July 8, 1853, in Bowling Green, Kentucky
  • Mary Patton Hill born November 16, 1857, in Paradise, Kentucky
  • Bernard Hendrix Hill born November 4, 1860, in Ohio County, Kentucky


  • William Hill, Sen., died October 9, 1813
  • John Hill, Sen., died September 16, 1851, Typhoid Fever
  • Malinda Hill died July 9, 1849, Typhoid Fever
  • William Hill, Jr., died September 1, 1867, Consumption
  • Ann Eliza Hill died October 6/7, 1884, Congestion
  • Malinda Ellen Hill died June 4, 1864, Consumption
  • George William Hill died May 28, 1882, Bright’s Disease
  • Nancy Jane Hill Young died January 21, 1898, Pneumonia
  • John P. Hill died March 1907, Paralysis
  • James T. Hill died June 25, 1912, Softening of Brain & Paralysis
  • Barnard H. Hill died suddenly of Heart Disease
  • Dr. Olive Perry Hill died June 3, 1891, of Old Age



  • Berrilla Ann Christian (Reid) Hill, wife of O. P. Hill, Jr.
  • Margaret Ann Hill born March 9, 1867
  • Bertha Edna Hill born August 28, 1868
  • Mitchell Ford Hill born November 5, 1870
  • Linda Leah Hill born June 23, 1872
  • Daisy Dean Hill born August 12, 1874
  • Rosette Thompson Hill born August 19, 1877
  • Sutton Reid Hill born March 4, 1879


  • Mitchell Ford Hill died July 31, 1871, of Brain Fever
  • Daisy Dean Hill died January 5, 1876, of Brain Fever
  • Ida Bell Mahan died August 17, 1857, of Cholera Impartum


Births and Deaths

  • John Banks Pollard born December 27, 1787, died February 25, 1853, of Inflammation of Bowels
  • Ann (Thompson) Pollard born January 5, 1796, died of old age
  • Adeline Pollard born November 11, 1815, died of February 15, 1900, of old age
  • Daniel Pollard born November 1, 1817, died of Heart Disease
  • Anna Eliza Pollard born April 26, 1822, died October 6, 1884, of Consumption
  • James M. Pollard, born August 25, 1825

Children of William Hill and Eliza Pollard

  • Nancy Jane Hill Stanley born September 22, 1837, in Garrard County, Kentucky, died 1889
  • Olive Perry Hill born June 20, 1840, in Garrard County, Kentucky


  • Abram Bradley Stanley born March 26, 1831
  • Elizabeth Ann Hill Stanley born October 3, 1844


  • William Hutchens Stanley born December 28, 1865
  • Abram Francis Stanley born May 3, 1869
  • Mary Eliza Catherine Stanley born May 27, 1871
  • Elizabeth Albina Stanley born August 20, 1876
  • Clarence Hubert Stanley born December 1, 1879
  • Dora William Stanley born December 25, 1881 (wife of A. F. Stanley)
  • Frederic Augustus Stanley born May 21, 1882
  • Daisy Adeline Stanley born May 21, 1884


  • Little Robert B. Sharer born October 26, 1902, died October 22, 1903
  • Little Stanley Sharer born March 26, 1904
  • Little Henry Bradley Stanley born August 12, 1908, son of Fred and Reola Stanley


  • Abram B. Stanley and Elizabeth A. Hill were married June 14, 1863
  • William H. Stanley and Maude Swain were married July 2, 1891
  • Mary E. C. Stanley and Beverly Newton Wilson were married November 8, 1891
  • Dr. A. F. Stanley and Virginia P. Graves were married November 25, 1897, in Hopkinsville, Kentucky
  • W. H. Sharer of Waxahachie, Texas, and Daisy A. Stanley of Hartford, Kentucky, were married May 29, 1901
  • C. H. Stanley and Bessie Bir were married March 14, 1905
  • Rev. G. H. Lawrence and Elizabeth Albina Stanley were married October 16, 1905
  • Frederic Augustus Stanley and Reola Leach were married November 29, 1907
  • Dr. A. F. Stanley and Dora Williams were married September 26, 1908, at Trinidad, Colorado


  • Abram Bradley Stanley died January 20, 1914, aged 82 years, 9 months, 3 weeks, and 4 days, of Paralysis
  • Elizabeth (Hill) Stanley died February 20, 1923, aged 78 years, 5 months, 2 weeks and 3 days, of Heart Trouble
  • Mary Eliza Catherine Stanley died May 1930, aged 58 years
  • Clarence Hubert Stanley died June 5, 1935, aged 55 years
  • William H. Stanley died 1935 or 1936 of Paralysis
  • Frederic A. Stanley died May 31, 1957
  • Dr. A. F. Stanley died August 4, 1958, aged 89 years
  • Elizabeth Albina Lawrence died August 11, 1967, aged 90 years, 11 months and 21 days











Dating Old Photo Postcards

Dating Old Photo Postcards

In addition to the postcards that everyone sends or collects from vacations, in the early years of the 20th century people often had a photograph taken and put on a postcard.  Fortunately for us the manufactures of the photographic paper for the post card, have information on the back to help date the card.  Playle has a wonderful website to help us.

Scan_Pic1098 2

The stamp box gives us the clue to the postcard’s date.  It contains the letters AZO, with four triangles pointing up – dated 1904-1918.


This is a great example of the photo postcards – or Real Photo PostCards (RPPC) as per the Playle website.  This is a favorite of mine, as it is an outdoor scene.  The horse and buggy with driver reminds of my grandmother, Mary Alice Montgomery Carrico, who drove to church and town in a buggy with her beautiful roan, Nipsy.  Nipsy was grandmother’s horse and was quite partial to her.  When the horse became ill, grandmother sat with him, his head in her lap!  Even in her late years tears would form when she talked of Nipsy!  In the above photo three of the four people are named, and I believe it is inferred that the woman who sent the postcard is the driver of the buggy.


Mrs. R. E. Sutton

Well, this card was given to me to send to you. I guess you know this old lady. This little girl is Jessie Johnson. She is the one that thinks so much of me. That is Ella Shellhorn that I liked up there by the fence, and that young man is Edwin Uulrickson, standing back of the buggy. This is given in remembrance of Mrs. M. M. Shellhorn.

Do you have any old photo postcards of your family?

Winchester Cemetery – Clark County, Kentucky

Winchester Cemetery – Clark County, Kentucky


James H. G. Bush, born July 12, 1818, died May 23, 1866

Julia A. Bush, born October 5, 1823, died September 26, 1864

H. McCoy, January 30, 1837 – June 10, 1892

Infant son of H. & Ella Bush McCoy

R. H. C. Bush, April 13, 1843 – March 1903

T. B. Bush, wife of R. H. C. Bush, October 4, 1845 – January 15, 1904


Mary, wife of R. S. Franklin, born June 20, 1804, died December 14, 1882


In memory of Josiah A. Jackson, born April 30, 18180, died October 29, 1862


Joice Quisenberry Thompson, wife of Harrison Thompson, December 4, 1810 – November 23, 1896


Alice M. Summers, A follower of Jesus, aged 20 years, 7 months and 17 days


Thomas C. Attersall, born April 21, 1799, died April 12, 1872


Pension Papers – Lewis County, Kentucky

Pension Papers – Lewis County, Kentucky

Richard Bane/Bean

The above named soldier was living in the county of Lewis, state of Kentucky, when applied for pension on the date of September 25, 1832, aged 80 years. He stated that he was born in the county of Northumberland, state of Virginia, in the fall of 1752. He enlisted in Bedford County, at Northern Hook, Virginia, in the fall of 1776. During the war he lived in Bedford and Amherst counties, Virginia. His mother appears to have lived in Northumberland County, Virginia. He left Amherst County about the close of the war and settled in Kentucky, living in Madison and Lewis counties.

The affidavit of a fellow soldier who served with him, by the name of Jacob Dooley, was made in Madison County, Kentucky, on February 3, 1834, at the age of 77 years. Both enlisted in 1776, and belonged to the same regiment.

William Mitchell, aged 66 years, made affidavit in Lewis County, in 1834, that in 1776, Richard Bean/Bane enlisted in company with two of his uncles, Robert and Stephen Mitchell, from Bedford County, Virginia.

John Campbell

The above named soldier was living in the county of Lewis, state of Kentucky, when he applied for pension on the date of October 19, 1816, aged 64 years. He enlisted in Monongahela County, Virginia, in January 1776, or May 9, 1777, at a place called Fort Pitt (Pittsburgh). In 1820 the only person in his family was his wife, aged 75 years. He had 8 children, but they were all married and living apart from him.

Samuel Crewell

The above named soldier was living in the count of Mason, state of Kentucky, when he applied for pension on the date of April 16, 1818. He enlisted in Virginia, date of April 6, 1778, or in May 1778, in Bedford County, Pennsylvania (he stated the latter date in 1820). In 1820 he lived in Lewis County, where his family consisted of his wife, aged 42 years, and 7 children, the eldest a girl about 18 years old, next a son about 15 years old.

The affidavit of a fellow soldier who served with him, by the name of John Campbell, was in Mason or Lewis County, Kentucky, date of August 3, 1818.

William Dorch

The above named soldier was living in the county of Lewis, state of Kentucky, when he applied for pension on the date of August 31, 1818, aged 58 years. He enlisted in Mecklenburg County, on the Roanoke River, in the state of Virginia, in the line of the state of Maryland, date of June 25, 1780. In the early 1800’s he was living in Greenup County, Kentucky, and in 1833 in Bourbon County, having moved there the spring of 1833 from Greenup County, his wife having died shortly before. In 1820 his family consisted of his wife and a son, aged 15 years. He had 10 children, but all the rest of his children had left him.

John Dyal/Doyle

The above named soldier was living in the county of Lewis, state of Kentucky, when he applied for pension on the date of September 27, 1832, aged 70 years. He stated that he was born in Virginia, near Winchester, on November 27, 1762. He enlisted in Fayette County, on the Youghiogheny River in the state of Pennsylvania, in the fall of 1778, as a substitute for his father, Edward Dyal/Doyle. He also served in the War of 1812. In 1832 he stated that he had lived in Lewis County for 36 years. It was a part of Mason County when he first settled in it. He died December 8, 1845.

David Vance, aged 67 years on October 15, 1831, made affidavit in Lewis County, September 27, 1832, that he was living in Fayette County, Pennsylvania, when General George Rogers Clark was raising men to come to Kentucky to fight the Indians, and that he knew John Doyle having been among those who enlisted. John Doyle had a brother, Alexander Doyle, who was a resident of Lewis County. His widow, Christina Doyle, whose maiden name was Christina Davis, applied for pension in the county of Lewis, state of Kentucky, date of December 24, 1849, aged 71 years. They were married in the state of Kentucky, county of Mason, date of April 6, 1797.

Bible Records: John Dyal and Christina were married April 6, 1797. Rebecca Dyal was born March 17, 1798. David Dyal was born December 23, 1799. John W. Dyal was born January 17, 1802. Elizabeth Dyal was born July 27, 1805. Susanna Dyal was born November 9, 1807. Ann Dyal was born March 13, 1811. Edward Dyal was born December 20, 1813. June Dyal was born March 22, 1818. John Dyal, Sr., was born November 27, 1762. Christina Dyal was born March 12, 1778. Nancy Ales died August 11, 1840. Auvine Alea was 8 years old the 16th day of October, after her mother died.