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Alexander R. McKee Biography

from Kentucky Biographies – Franklin County

Alexander R. McKee, born March 13, 1815, in Lancaster, Garrard County, Kentucky, was a lawyer by profession, and served as circuit and county clerk for twenty years.  In 1854 he moved to Nashville, Tennessee, and engaged in the coal business and also in real estate.  He went as a delegate and supporter to the National Convention in 1860, which nominated Lincoln for the presidency.  In 1861 Lincoln appointed him United States consul at Panama on the Isthmus, which office he held four years and was re-appointed in 1865.  He died at Panama September 3, 1865.  September 27, 1842, he married Martinette Hardin of Franklin County, Kentucky, a daughter of Martin and Elizabeth (Logan) Hardin.  The following are the names of the children born to them:  Lucy, wife of J. J. Mobley; Lizzie, wife of Howard Walcutt; Logan; Ada, wife of J. B. Heffner; Charlotte, wife of O. S. Walcutt, and Charles L.  Logan, the eldest son, was born March 1,1852, and was a small boy when his father died.  After that event the family moved back to Frankfort, Kentucky, and Logan clerked in a grocery store for three years.  He then clerked in a boot and shoe store for five years, and in 1879 went into business for himself, dealing in boots, shoes, dry goods, etc., in the city of Frankfort, remaining in business three years.  He was then reporter for the Cincinnati and Louisville papers, also the Frankfort and Lexington papers, for which he writes occasionally yet.  In 1884 he was appointed clerk to the assistant civil engineer of Kentucky River for one year.  In 1885 he bought a corn meal and hominy mill in Frankfort, and has been engaged in that business since.  He is a member of the I. O. O. F. and K. of H., also of the encampment and Patriarch Militant Odd Fellows.  He has passed all the chairs in the K. of H., has been representative to the Grand Lodge three times, and at present holds the office of High Priest.  All the family are members of the Presbyterian Church.

Pre-1800 Marriages – Fayette County, Kentucky

Marriages – Fayette County, Kentucky

  • Archibald Dinwiddie married Jenny Johnson – December 31, 1795
  • James Longhead married Mary Brown – April 24, 1795
  • John Love married Elizabeth Ross – July 16, 1795
  • William McClure married Patsy Steele – January 30, 1796
  • Thomas Thompson married Margaret Scott – August 5, 1796
  • James Jameson married Rebecca Buchanan – July 22, 1797
  • Jacob Brassfield married Nancy Gillespie – January 9, 1798
  • William Hawkins married Jane Black – November 30, 1798
  • Caleb Kemper married Nancy Caldwell – November 8, 1798
  • Thomas Langdon married Ann Christian – April 18, 1798
  • William Lester married Elizabeth Davis – September 3, 1798
  • William Logan married Anna Ryan – October 2, 1798
  • John Scroggin married Nancy Hall – June 20, 1798
  • Robert Taylor married Mary Murray – June 2, 1798
  • Samuel Wilkinson married Jane Williams – September 4, 1798
  • John Boggs married Polly Anderson – March 20, 1799
  • John Brown married Sarah Jameson – October 30, 1799
  • Thomas Cunningham married Nancy Black – February 7, 1799
  • Thomas Daugherty married Nancy Scott – November 20, 1799
  • Daniel Harvey married Catherine Murray – August 10, 1799
  • James Kennedy married Easter Crews – July 2, 1799
  • John McAtee married Sarah Power – March 2, 1799
  • John McClellen married Margaret Carrithers – September 4, 1799
  • Alexander McCoy married Nancy Stewart – August 7, 1799
  • James Patterson married Jenny Lowry – August 15, 1799
  • John Shaw married Jane Logan – March 26, 1799
  • Brice Steele married Elizabeth Thornsbury – August 30, 1799
  • John R. Williams married Jane Brothers – March 15, 1799

New CDs!!!!!


In the mad rush to get ready for the Maryland to Kentucky and Beyond Conference, I finished two additional CDs, but have had no time to add them to the blog!


The first is St. Thomas Catholic Church Gravestones.  St. Thomas is a beautiful little church in Nelson County, Kentucky.  This CD contains the older stones – 432 names, 454 photos.


The second CD is Holy Cross Catholic Church Gravestone Photos.  Holy Cross is located in Marion County, Kentucky.  There are a total of 1,098 names and 986 photos.  All but the very newest stones are included.

I hope these two new CDs will help you with your research!


My Booth – Maryland to Kentucky and Beyond 2014 Reunion


My first adventure as a vendor at a conference/reunion was this weekend at St. Catharine College in Springfield, Kentucky.  The Maryland to Kentucky and Beyond 2014 Reunion was held this weekend.  After a week of burning about 700 CDs – which is the reason nothing has appeared in your mail box from me lately! – Ritchey and I packed the CDs into small plastic boxes and headed for Springfield.


This was a homecoming for me – I attended St. Catharine College from January of 1976 through May of 1977.  But what changes have occurred!  What was a small two-year college when I was there has blossomed into a four year university with at least three huge new buildings!  Under the tutelage of President Bill Houston, a friend from Harrodsburg, this little school is now the place to go!  Even so, it has not lost it’s charm.  The Dominican sisters still live in the older building, which helps give it a sense of home.


Attendees came from at least 22 different states to attend classes, share information and peruse the vendor tables!  I was so excited to meet some of you – and very humbled that you enjoy my website!  Thanks to all who bought CDs!

Now that this adventure is over there will be more time to devote to writing blogs and posting photos!


Basil Coleman Obituary

from The Harrodsburg Sayings, Mercer County, Kentucky

Thursday, July 25, 1901

After a life spent in trying to do good to others, Basil Coleman sleeps peacefully in the old Providence church yard in Mercer County.  He was our friend, he was the friend of all he knew.  His heart and body were both the same size.  He never missed an opportunity to do a favor and had friends by scores and hundreds.  He loved fine horses, like all Kentuckians, and owned many good ones.  His tastes were all of an elevated nature and though about 40 he had never married, but being a genuine gentleman, he loved the society of young ladies.  Our wish is that in the land that is fairer than day, where it is one bright summer always and storms never come, Basil is walking beside the crystal waters of the River of Life and singing the praises of a loving Savior who died that we might live.  On Monday, July 15, just as the sun was sinking in the west, the spirit of Basil left the tenement of clay and took its flight to the God of us all.  some months ago he had a severe spell of grip and only partially recovered therefrom.  He took a fresh cold a month ago and was confined to his bed for some days, during which time his sufferings were intense.  Basil never joined any church, but we heard those who knew him best say that if ever there was a Christian he was one.  He believed in and loved his Savior, but as stated in the foregoing, his object in living was to try to do good to others, and nobody who does not live that way is a Christian.  It matters not to what or how many churches they belong.  Basil lived for his friends to visit him and he left nothing undone to make their stay pleasant.  Every pastor the Harrodsburg Baptist Church has had for many years will testify that Basil was a whole soled host and a genial companion.  In writing these lines hastily, and maybe, unconnectedly, I am feebly attempting to pay a last tribute of respect to one I loved because he was good.  May the sod rest lightly on his grave, while the spirit basks in the sunshine of life eternal.

Joe F. Waters – Stanford, Ky., July 24, 1901

Father’s Day Salute!

Here’s to the Men in My Life!  A Long Line of Hill’s and Two Brown’s – Who Should Be Jolly’s!

In my Mother’s Day Salute back in May I introduced you to the long line of women in my life – my mother, grandmother and one line of great-grandmothers.  They are a colorful lot with many different names and colorful characters!  Well, on my father’s side the names are the same, but, if possible, the characters are even more colorful – we are talking the line involved in the feud!  Beginning with John Hill, Sr., who moved with his family from Virginia  into what was then Madison County, Kentucky, and in 1797 became Garrard County, who began a long-running disagreement with Hezekiah Evans that flared into the Hill-Evans feud fought by his grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  After the fateful tobacco house fight of March 13, 1852, in which two brothers were killed and one died a short time later from his wounds, most of the Hill family left Garrard County, making their homes in Washington County, Anderson County, Jefferson County – and eventually beyond – determined to forget the feud and the lifestyle that ensued.  There were still a few flare-ups involving participants of the feud, but eventually, and most likely due to the beginning of  the Civil War, the feud was forgotten in lieu of a bigger battle.  After the war most people were so drained – physically and mentally – from the horrors of war, the feud was never mentioned again – at least that is what I presume.  My grandfather told stories of his father’s adventures during the Civil War – but never mentioned the feud.  Perhaps he never knew about it.  Unfortunately it wasn’t until after my grandfather’s death that I learned of the feud – and now I will never know what he knew about it – if anything.

The Hill graveyard in Garrard County, Kentucky – where most of the older Hills are buried.

John Hill, Sr., born about 1765, in Virginia, who married Sarah (Sally) Crow about 1783, died in July of 1839, in Garrard County, Kentucky, was the father of Jesse Hill.

Jesse Hill, born about 1788, probably in Virginia, who married Jane Southern in 1808 in Garrard County, Kentucky, died in February of 1836, was the father of Isaiah Hill, Sr.

Gravestone for Isaiah Hill, Sr.

Isaiah Hill, Sr., born in 1809 in Garrard County, Kentucky, married Lucy Murphy in July of 1827, died March 13, 1852, was the father of Isaiah Hill.

Isaiah Hill and Lydia Ann Ross

Isaiah Hill, born in February of 1839, in Garrard County, Kentucky, married Lydia Ann Ross in Washington County, Kentucky, May 4, 1870, died September 8, 1919, in Marion County, Kentucky, was the father of Jessie Delbert Hill.

Jessie Delbert Hill and Nannie Bell Coulter

Jessie Delbert Hill, born August 8, 1893, in Washington County, Kentucky, married Nannie Bell Coulter, June 27, 1911, in Marion County, Kentucky, died April 13, 1974, in Marion County, Kentucky, was the father of James Philip Hill.

James Philip Hill, Phyllis

James Philip Hill, born November 3, 1935, in Marion County, Kentucky, married Catherine Lyons Carrico, April 7, 1956, in Washington County, Kentucky, died July 17, 1986, in Mercer County, Kentucky, was the father of Phyllis Ann Hill.

Phyllis and Ritchey Brown

Phyllis Ann Hill and Ritchey Edwin Brown (the best of fathers!), are the parents of Linton Edwin Brown.

Linton Edwin Brown and Ritchey Edwin Brown – my two favorite men in the world!

Linton has the wonderful mix of genes from his many great-grandparents down through all the lines – which makes HIM the colorful character he is today!  Let’s celebrate!

James T. Hanks Biography

from Breckinridge County, Kentucky – Biographies

James T. Hanks was born May 3, 1844, near Hardinsburg.  His father, John W. Hanks, was born March 26, 1810, in Knox County, Tennessee, where he grew to manhood.  When in his twenty-seventh year he removed to Kentucky, and located near Hardinsburg, in Breckinridge County, where he still resides.  He is a farmer and a son of Luke Hanks, who was a farmer and wagon-maker, and also engaged in other mechanical pursuits, and who was born in Greenbrier County, Virginia, about 1771, and died in Breckinridge about 1855.  His father was a soldier in the Revolutionary War, and of English descent.  John W. Hanks was married, in 1838, to Mrs. Caroline Dowell, daughter of Stephen Rollins, of Hardin County.  From this union sprang Robert B. and James T.  The latter’s marriage occurred October 13, 1872, to Miss Anna E., daughter of Reuben and Bettie A. (Jolly) Ricketts; to them have been born Ada, Myra and James R.  James T. Hanks engaged in farming until 1880, when he began merchandising at Stephensport.  He is a member, with his wife, of the Methodist Church, and in politics is a Democrat.

Marriage Records – Lincoln County, Kentucky

Marriage Records

Lincoln County, Kentucky

John Lea married Suckey Arnett 10 Feb 1803
Edmond Leach married Emily Gooch 22 Jan 1833
Edward Leach married Nancy Vaughn 13 Nov 1822
Edward Leach married Sally Magill 28 Mar 1827
Edward Leach married Eliza McKinzie 14 May 1835
James Leach married Catherine Spires 04 Feb 1831
John Leach married Almira Salyers 03 Oct 1832
Matthew Leach married Sarah Stephens 28 Oct 1845
Monroe Leach married Delia Padgett 19 Mar 1839
William Leach married Fanny Ball 11 Jan 1831
John Leachman married Eleanor Miller 19 Jan 1825
Humphrey Leatch married Sally McClain 09 Nov 1803
Arch T. Leavel married Elizabeth J. Logan 11 Sep 1843
Christopher Leavel married Mary Ann Bryant 21 Mar 1849
James Ledger married Jenny McFadson 22 Feb 1798
James Ledgerwood married Elizabeth McConor 29 Dec 1781
Abraham Lee married Elizabeth Crutcher 23 Mar 1813
Ambrose Lee married Hannah Blain 15 Dec 1801
Ambrose Lee married Sarah Thompson 09 Jul 1827
Ephraim Lee married Nancy Jackson 27 Oct 1821
Francis Lee married Sophia Thompson 22 Oct 1816
Francis Lee married Ellen Blain 25 Oct 1847
George Lee married Lucy Thompson 20 Jan 1812
George F. Lee married Susan J. Miller 04 Mar 1846
Josiah Lee married Elizabeth Miller 13 Dec 1847
Richard Lee married Martha Montgomery 02 Mar 1803
William Lee married Polly Jackson 25 Nov 1791
William F. Lee married Jane Thompson 02 Jun 1819
George Leeper married Jane Russell 22 Nov 1815
Hugh Leeper married Emily Eliza Richard 05 Apr 1848
Hugh Leeper married Martha Davidson 27 Sep 1784
Michael Leeper married Milly Luck 13 Dec 1826
William Leese married Haley Singleton 08 Apr 1841
John E. P. Lefford married Dorinda Perkins 20 Nov 1837
John Legg married Martha Thurman 17 Oct 1825
George Leisure married Lucinda Myers 18 Nov 1836
Joseph P. Leisure married Donna Fresh 18 Nov 1836
William Leisure married Lucinda Fresh 14 Nov 1827
John Leiver married Eve Weighly 20 Jul 1791
Phillip Lemon married Nancy Goode 14 Jul 1796
Obediah Leonard married Jane Tinsley 25 Jul 1833
Stephen C. Letcher married Matilda Crow 11 Aug 1817
John Leveridge married Lucy Nightingale 04 Aug 1806
Solomon Levi married Frances Jackson 01 Jan1787
William Levin married Prudence Reed 27 Mar 1804
John Lewis married Hannah Stephens 11 Feb 1788
John Lewis married Martha Gwalney 15 Jul 1834
John M. Lewis married Mary Ann Hocker 03 Nov 1833
Robert Lewis married Marla L. Patton 18 Dec 1826
Robert T. Lewis married Darkey Logan 20 Dec 1809
Samuel Lewis married Esther Whitley 02 Dec 1805
William Lewis married Margaret Ann Green 01 Mar 1844

CD – Holy Name of Mary Catholic Church Cemetery Photos



I am so pleased to announce my latest CD – finished today!  Holy Name of Mary Catholic Church Cemetery photos and listing – Calvary, Marion County, Kentucky.

There are two parts to the cemetery of Holy Name of Mary Catholic Church – the old part is where the original settlers, the older people, were buried, and is rather small. The newer part is much larger. There is a path up the hill to the old cemetery, at the top of which is a monument in concrete which includes pieces of broken stones. What a wonderful way to display them – and so much better than throwing them away! This CD includes photos of all the stones in the older part of the cemetery, and some from the new, a total of 142 names and 197 photos. Included are photos of the pathway, monument stones, church and historical marker.

This is a sample from the CD – it is an Excel spreadsheet which can be sorted by any category.  I saved it sorted by name, then description – an alphabetical sort.  As you can see, the photo numbers are in blue, and on the CD when clicked will open the photo automatically.  Thanks to my son, Linton, for mentioning that possibility!

This CD is priced at $11.95 and includes a tremendous amount of genealogical information.  The area of Marion County where Holy Name of Mary Catholic Church is located – Calvary – is where many of the ‘Maryland to Kentucky’ Catholics moved in the late 1700′s.

Kavanaugh 1845 Lawrence Kavanaugh 18 Mar 1812 07 Nov 1845 8184
Knott 1836 James P. Knott 19 Jun 1812 09 Sep 1836 7599
Lee 1863 Samuel Lee 22 Aug 1778 05 Mar 1863 7559
Luckett 1899 Charles Luckett 12 Sep 1842 10 Sep 1899 7503
Luckett 1892 J. B. Luckett 19 Nov 1838 04 Oct 1892 7533
Luckett 1904 Mabel Luckett 23 Apr 1889 4-Mar-04 7513
Luckett 1925 Mary J. Abell Luckett 28 Mar 1848 27-Jul-26 7533
Luckett 1851 Mrs. T. B. Luckett 04 Jul 1816 15-Feb-51 7561
Macken 1831 Thomas Macken 23 Oct 1831 7554
Mattingly 1938 Catherine E. Mattingly 09 Nov 1872 19-Oct-38 7541
Mattingly 1936 E. A. Mattingly 02 May 1862 19-Jan-36 7541
Mattingly 1895 Elizabeth Mattingly 18 Apr 1895 7542
Mattingly 1888 Ella M. J. Mattingly 04 Aug 1855 04 May 1888 7593
Mattingly 1902 Joseph Mattingly 21 Aug 1825 18-Feb-02 7543
Merimee 1852 Martha Ann Merimee 18 May 1832 16 Feb 1852 7551
Moore 1899 Annie A. Moore 27 Jun 1848 17 Jan 1899 8141
Moore Elizabeth P. Moore 14 Sep 1841 8139
Moore 1918 Richard F. Moore 06 Dec 1846 24-Dec-18 8139

St. Rose Catholic Church Cemetery Listing


St. Rose Catholic Church Cemetery Listing

Washington County, Kentucky

  • William J. Devit, son of A. and M. Devit, born in Bardstown October 26, 1863, died October 18, 1865
  • Margaret Devit, daughter of A. and M. Devit, born April 24, 1861, died May 6, 1865
  • Ellen Donahue, wife of Edward Donahue, born in Ireland, died June 2, 1872
  • Edward Donahue, born in Ireland, died December 17, 1872
  • West E. Dorsey, born December 2, 1844, died July 14, 1867
  • John Dougherty, died August 24, 1851, aged 26 years
  • Aloysious Edelen, born July 2, 1818, died November 20, 1845
  • Edward Edelen, born May 17, 1806, died May 27, 1847
  • Elizabeth H. Edelen, wife of R. Edelen, born August 10, 1788, died October 14, 1859
  • Robert Edelen, Sr., born May 28, 1784, died August 22, 1855
  • James Edelen, died March 13, 1858, aged 55 years
  • Rose Edelen, wife of James Edelen, died January 20, 1872, aged 66 years
  • John C. Edelen, born March 24, 1848, died May 14, 1908
  • Catherine Edelen, wife of John C. Edelen, born September 26, 1853, no death date
  • J. Polin Edelen, born 1850, died 1926
  • Nannie Edelen, wife of Polin Edelen, born 1850, died 1909
  • George H. Edelen, born 1845, died 1932
  • Lula (Clements) Edelen, wife of George Edelen, born 1859, died 1925
  • Benedict Edelen, born March 22, 1797, died June 7, 1871
  • Mary S. Edelen, daughter of R. P. and Susan (McGill) Edelen, born December 30, 1857, died September 21, 1863
  • Kate Edelen, born February 22, 1861, died January 1, 1910
  • Leonard Edelen, born May 1, 1823, died December 23, 1887
  • Lucetta Edelen, born May 15, 1829, died March 25, 1906
  • Belle Edelen, born October 23, 1866, died March 19, 1888
  • George Edelen, born April 17, 1811, died June 19, 1863
  • Horace Edelen, born May 1, 1880, no death date
  • Eliza L. Edelen, wife of James Edelen, born September 11, 1811, died March 20, 1878
  • James Edelen, born June 10, 1813, died October 1, 1897
  • Catherine Edelen, wife of G. F. Edelen and daughter of H. and M. Stansbury, born December 14, 1847, died June 25, 1882
  • John C. Edelen, born March 24, 1846, died May 14, 1906
  • Catherine Edelen, wife of John B., born September 22, 1853, no death date
  • Catherine Ellery, wife of John Ellery, born September 14, 1804, died August 15, 1866
  • John Emmerson, born July 20, 1799, died October 20, 1872
  • Mary Emmerson, wife of John Emmerson, born March 14, 1810, no death date
  • Mrs. J. R. Evans, born June 20, 1879, died November 29, 1910
  • Sarah Farrell, wife of John Farrell, died April 4, 1893, aged 49 years
  • Theodore Faulkner, born March 2, 1918, died October 31, 1918
  • James R. Fenwick, born June 29, 1836, died November 5, 1854
  • Hattie E. Fenwick, born September 22, 1834, died October 1, 1852
  • Martin Fenwick, born November 8, 1856, died May 1, 1857
  • Thomas Y. Fenwick, son of H. and S. E. Fenwick, born December 28, 1876, died September 1, 1877
  • Henry Fenwick, born September 6, 1840, died January 14, 1881
  • Thomas Y. Fenwick, born October 20, 1806, died April 27, 1877
  • ? Fetter, daughter of R. and S. Fetter, born October 18, 1845, died September 15, 1846
  • James A. Fields, son of Wilfred and Sarah Fields, died August 4, 1853, aged 20 years, 2 months and 5 days
  • Henry P. Fields, born October 13, 1835, died November 29, 1864, Co. E., 10 KY Volunteers
  • Sealia A. Fields, wife of Wilfred Fields, born May 6, 1818, died May 27, 1863
  • Wilfred Fields, born April 11, 1795, died May 10, 1875
  • Nazarie Filiatreau, born March 20, 1809, died December 30, 1898
  • Belinda Filiatreau, wife of Nazarie Filiatreau, aged 68 years, no dates
  • Mary E. Fowler, daughter of Thomas J. and Susan Fowler, born June 14, 1861, died April 16, 1877
  • T. J. Fowler, born August 10, 1845, no death date
  • Susan Fowler, wife of T. J. Fowler, born January 2, 1843, died April 6, 1916
  • James M. Fowler, son of S. E. and D. E. Fowler, born January 2, 1843, died April 6, 1916
  • Michael Fox, son of William and Bridget Fox, born March 5, 1859, died February 7, 1865
  • William Fox, born November 7, 1806, died June 18, 1889
  • Bridget Fox, born June 6, 1817, no death date
  • James Fox, born June 6, 1817, no death date